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Lil wayne Tells Dana White How “Huge Fan of Ben Askren” He is !”

Ben Askren waits for his fight to start with Demian Maia.

Jake Paul pulled off an impressive first-round knockout victory over UFC fighter Ben Askren at the Triller Fight Club. Though Ben Askren trained with legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach, the former Bellator and ONE title holder was unable to survive. The controversial 24-year-old claimed that this fight generated £54m in PPV sales as he continues to capture the attention of many.

As Paul begins to eye up his next contest, McGregor and Mayweather are two names suggested as potential opponents. Askren laid out how the somewhat controversial ending went down. The referee wasn’t willing to send Askren back after the first knockdown. He said, “I said, ‘I’m fine,’ and he said, ‘No you’re not.’ And I said, ‘No, I am.’ And he said, ‘No, you’re not!’

Ben Askren said, “I’m sorry I let you down, I didn’t get into a fight with him. He hit me early. As I said, that’s when you respect someone, when you see what they’re made of. I was hoping that you guys would get to see that tonight and I let a lot of people down. They didn’t get to see that. I didn’t let the MMA community down, I let the world down.”

Ben Askren (R) shoves Jake Paul as they face off during a news conference for Triller Fight Club's inaugural 2021 boxing event

Ben Askren (R) shoves Jake Paul as they face off during a news conference for Triller Fight Club’s inaugural 2021 boxing event. (Credits: Getty Images)

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However, it’s not the end for Ben as he still has supporters who emphasize with him. One of his fans is none other than Lil Wayne himself. In a recent interview with Dana White, Wayne said, “I’m a huge Ben Askren fan. I have watched him since the beginning of his career. I knew the family history.”

A much-anticipated fight that ended in bitter disappointment. As the world eyes Jake Paul’s next opponent, MMA fighters are ready to step up and shut the Youtuber for good.


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