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Lewis Hamilton reveals his next step after the end of his one year contract with Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton reveals his plans beyond the F1 should his contract with Mercedes doesnt get extended beyond the 2021 season

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has finally spilled the beans about his postseason plans once his contract expires in 2021. The world record holder for most F1 wins spoke to fellow Mercedes driver Valteri Bottas during a random catchup session.

I will probably focus on fashion and get to designing. I was associated with Tommy ( Hilfiger) and also conducted some shows before the pandemic. So, I would get back to design. That’s the whole process to understand the world we are living in and how to get ahead of the game.”, Lewis Hamilton said.

Hamilton further stated that his association with a brand like Tommy largely focuses on creating sustainable clothing for the people.

“So, We want to bring in more sustainable and eco-friendly clothing options for the masses. So yeah, it may be the best thing to come up with in this crisis situation.’, he added.

We must mention here that this British driver has long been associated with fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger. Together, they have presented the street style-inspired collection of unisex designs during a fashion show held at London’s Tate modern.

Lewis Hamilton wants to create his own eco-fashion friendly clothing brand

Lewis Hamilton wants to create his own fashion brand

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The 35-year-old sports star is thinking beyond his collaboration with the famous fashion house. Two years back, he talked about his intentions to set on designing a solo sustainable collection.

“The goal with the Tommy Hilfiger collections is to do it right, so at the end, I can take the Tommy name away from it and it still stands on its own, that’s the real dream!” Hamilton said.

The British driver further discussed bringing environmental friendly clothing options for the global population.

25% of the current collection is eco-friendly and is recyclable material, the second collection is close to 40% and my goal is when I get to stand alone is that 100% of all the material I use will be eco-friendly.”, he further added

Lewis also stated that participating in random fashion shows has made him pursue his future aspirations as a fashion designer. “When I was in my old team I wasn’t allowed to go and do these other things, so when I joined Mercedes I was able to be vocal about the other interests that I have. I told them, ‘I want to go to fashion shows and I want to see what it’s all about.’ And when I went I was really blown away because the shows I went to were quite intense and so much work had gone into it and there were so many people working in the background. “, he said during an interview with a famous sport daily.

For Hamilton, it’s always about what procedures have been followed during the production of such materials and fabrics. So, he really looks forward to creating a ripple effect in the fashion industry with all his futuristic visions and plans.

We must mention here that Lewis takes some big inspiration from Supermodel Gigi Hadid and his association with Tommy Hilfiger. While Hadid started her own personalized collection during her association with the famous fashion brand, lewis simply wants to match her steps in the same direction.

Regardless of his plans in the fashion industry, Hamilton wants to make the most of his love for the sport. As team Mercedes struggled to catch hold of Red bull’s brilliance during the practice sessions, lewis has to come up with something special to maintain his dominance on the race day.

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