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”Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes never went into a dispute regrading Contractual terms” : Mercedes Insider

F1- Mercedes racer Sir Lewis Hamilton signed contract for 2021 season.

Mercedes F1 Team and Lewis Hamilton have finally agreed on a contract extension until the end of the 2021 season. While the contract terms are still not revealed, many calls it an ‘Endgame’ to Hamilton’s legacy at Brackley.

The speculations got backed by the constant delay in signing this agreement by both parties. While Hamilton is said to be ‘Highly demanding’, Mercedes took its sweet time to bring a level-playing field. However, as per a team insider, the fans and experts owe an apology to Sir Lewis Hamilton.

How things went bitter between Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes

It was quoted by many that the delay to this agreement occurred due to Brit’s demands for a pay rise. As per reports, Mercedes was keen to bring Max Verstappen to Brackley after this season.

Still, as reported, Hamilton didn’t go well with Verstappen as his probable partner in Mercedes. Eventually, amidst all the rumors and speculations, Hamilton agreed to extend his stay at Brackley for one more year.

The reality seems to be otherwise- Mercedes Insider

According to the reports, the situation was completely different. The holdup between Hamilton and Mercedes was due to other contract minutes. It enlists the negotiations regarding charitable foundation Mercedes and promoting diversity in motorsport.

So, neither the sports critics nor the fans must blame Hamilton for this whole saga. He has always committed to Mercedes, and the seven-year-old association is proof enough for that loyalty.

While interacting with a leading F1 news daily, the same insider quoted he feels terrible about the mistreatment given to Sir Hamilton by some F1 fans, pundits, and the media.

I think many people actually owe Lewis an apology for questioning him and his intentions,” the Mercedes insider said. “I’m sure he wasn’t bothered by it and he’s more focused than ever on winning, but I think it was quite malicious in some cases.”

We must note that the same source earlier revealed Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas to be Mercedes F1 team drivers for the 2021 season.

Any suggestion that Lewis won’t be with us this year is simply fake news, Plain and simple. There is no reason he and Valtteri won’t be driving our cars in 2021. You can consider it confirmed. Lewis’ future here was never in doubt. It’s just a question of time. I’m confident it will be wrapped up and announced sometime in Feb.” the insider added.

How things about to line up for Hamilton after 2021?

Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes makes him committed at Brackley until the 2021 season. Also, the Team boss and Principal Toto Wolff have already expressed his wish to bring Max Verstappen to the fold someday in the future. Hence, we can expect fans and experts to bring on all the speculations and rumors in similar regards.

In any case, Hamilton is a legend that does not need speculations to stamp his legacy in F1. Regardless of where he ends up after 2021, he will always stay one of the best drivers the F1 world has ever seen.

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