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LeBron James Managed to Score but The Lakers Missed The Victory

LeBron James of Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James appeared flexing his muscle to the opponents, signaling that he’s not stoppable. LeBron James managed to score while getting fouled. The Lakers got a one-point lead during a three-point play, while 1:34 remaining. LeBron made another shot to give back the lead to his team, the shot that was missed by him earlier. It left them with 58 seconds to play.

It appeared that LeBron was putting all his efforts to beat the Miami Heat. However, for winning the championship, he needed to get one more chance, which unfortunately never happened. 

What Went Wrong in the Game?

James tried to give a good performance, but that couldn’t stop them from the loss. He scored 40 points, seven assists and 13 rebounds during the match. He passed the ball to his teammate Green, expecting a wide-open-pointer but couldn’t get it back to the Lakers’, it all led to the 108-111 loss on Friday in the NBA Finals. 

Jimmy Butler gave a free throw that offered the Heat a chance to get a lead of 107-106 and 16 seconds for the game. James tried to pass the ball to Green, who was unable to score an open three-pointer. 

Reaction of the Coach After the Game

He was ready to take on the whole team; he had two guys on him. A third defender came and so with three guys on you, he made the right play. Danny is one of our best shooters, he had a great look, and we live with the results.
      – Frank Vogel, Coach of Los Angeles Lakers to Associate Press on Friday

James thinks that it’s better to pass correctly instead of forcing a bad shot, even though Green failed to do that, it won’t change his opinion. 

James said that he was able to draw two defenders from below the free-throw line and could spot Green for a wide-open-3 pointer, which was needed for a championship. However, despite that, it didn’t go as planned, so we should live with that fact. 

What LeBron Thinks of it?

Markieff did throw the ball at Anthony Davis, but that move didn’t work out as expected, and James couldn’t do anything but watch. If the ball had come back to James, it would have been a glorious moment for him, as it could’ve given him a chance to score. 

If luck were with him that day, the Larry O’Brien Trophy would have been his. Not to forget that he could have won an NBA Finals MVP trophy as well, which he did in 2012, 2013 as well as in 2016. It was a close victory miss for James.

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