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LeBron James criticizes Daryl Morey for his controversial tweet

LeBron James criticizes Daryl Morey for his controversial tweet

LeBron James


LeBron James has spoken about China. Not about the open crisis between the NBA and the Asian giant, but about the origin of that crisis. He has done it without criticizing the general manager of Houston Rockets, Daryl Morey.

The tweet published by Morey on October 4 defending protests in Hong Kong from opponents of the Chinese regime ran like a trail and raised blisters at the highest level. The crisis between China and the NBA reached very high levels, although the part that has more to lose in all this in the medium term is the Houston Rockets themselves.

LeBron was one of the players directly affected by the tension, as he had to travel to China with the Lakers to face the Nets in a double game.

In this sense, James regrets that Morey did not take into account the consequences of his publication and, in any case, that he would not have had the deference of writing the tweet a week later so as not to put the entire NBA expedition at risk in China, where the players held a tense meeting with the commissioner of the league, Adam Silver, according to ESPN.

Many people could be affected, not only economically, but also physically, emotionally and spiritually,” said James, who asked to be “careful” with what is published on social networks, stating, besides, that networks do not They are the right place to resolve this type of conflict.

The Lakers player insisted on the need to think about others when writing these types of messages, stating that when exercising freedom of expression you also have to think about its consequences.

My team and this league had a difficult week. People have to understand what a tweet or a statement can do to others,” insisted the great star of the NBA, who has acknowledged that the situation lived in China by him, his Lakers teammates and his Nets rivals was certainly complicated.


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