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Lebron James Applauds Anthony Davis’ off-Floor Contribution in the Ball Game

LeBron James and Anthony Davis

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are one of the most formidable duos in the NBA. In their first season together, the two helped the Los Angeles Lakers to win their first NBA title in a decade.

This season fans are expecting the same level of performance from them. The team started in blazing form as they tore through their opponents in the beginning of the season. However, after AD was injured, the team derailed for a bit.

As a result, they dropped several winnable games prior to the NBA All-Star break. But after the All-Star break, the Lakers have improved themselves. After winning against the Indiana Pacers, the purple and gold maintained their form against the Golden State Warriors as well.

The Lakers completely outplayed the Warriors as the score stood at 128-97 after four quarters. This helped the purple and gold improve their record to 26-13 and remain at the third seed in the West.

LeBron James praises Anthony Davis

LeBron James

Although Davis is unable to contribute to his team on the court, he is doing his best in cheering them off the court. Since getting injured, AD has often attended the game in casual clothes and cheered for his teammates.

His partner in crime, LeBron James realizes this help from AD and talked about it in the post-game conference. LeBron said:

I just think he’s just tryna lead any way possible. Obviously, he can’t be on the court and be able to do the things that he does at a higher level. So he’s just giving his words to a lot of the guys, being there for them, showing them things on the iPad, showing them films throughout the course of the game. And just being helpful to our ball club as much as he can be.”

Competing in the NBA is not a one-man job, it takes an entire team working as a well-oiled machine to compete in the biggest basketball league. Davis knows that and despite being injured, he is trying to help his team in any way possible.

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