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Kyrie Irving Buys All His Nets Teammates Hoodies to Support Kobe Bryant’s Wife Vanessa Bryant’s ‘Mambacita Clothing Line’

Brooklyn Nets’ star Kyrie Irving has bought all his teammates hoodies of ‘Mambacita’ brand and has extended his support to ‘Mambacita Clothing Line’, a brand launched in memory of the 14 year old talented basketball player, Gianna Bryant.

Vanessa Bryant, wife of the legendary NBA star Kobe Bryant, found a unique way of paying tribute to her late daughter whose life ended unfortunately due to a helicopter crush on 26th January 2020. On the day she would have turned 15,Vaessa Bryant launched a apparel brand and named it after the nickname of her daughter- ‘Mambacita’. It is noteworthy that Mambacita has taken a nod from the word “Black Mamba”-nickname of the late Kobe Bryant.

Before launching her brand Vanessa Bryant gave her fans a glance of the brand’s varieties through her Instagram account. All the proceedings of the brand would go to Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation.

Players of the Brooklyn Nets we seen wearing hoodies of Mambacita brand ahead of their match against Milwaukee Bucks. Except for Blake Griffin, all of their players were seen in attractive hoodies of the brand.

Kyrie Irving, who is fasting for Ramadan these days, has himself admitted of feeling comfortable this season. The Nets team have encouraged him in his actions and have figured out a new plan for him.

According to sources, coach Steve Nash was sceptical of these but according to him all he wants for Kyrie is to feel comfortable.


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