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KSI vs Logan Paul 2: Not an ordinary YouTube Boxing Fight

KSI vs Logan Paul 2: Not an ordinary YouTuber Boxing Fight

KSI vs Logan Paul 2 Not an Ordinary Youtuber Boxing Fight / Sky Sports


KSI vs Logan Paul 2’s dueling again, in essence, is exactly what makes boxing interesting unless they are two YouTube influencers whose popularity when combined as many as 40 million subscribers. This is a unique spectacle that is beyond normal limits, but does it slowly change? This is the future of this genre that is ready for debate. A brief history of YouTube boxing can be recorded – Joe Weller uploaded a recording of himself in the sparring, KSI jokingly challenged it and was then heated by many fans. KSI won, at that time Logan Paul was still mingling with them, and they were boxing up to pull in an amateur fight dubbed “The Biggest Internet Event in History”.

They will fight again as professional boxers (without headgear, wearing smaller boxing gloves) on Saturday night at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, United States. KSI vs Logan Paul 2’s duel will be broadcast live on Sky Sports Box Office. “I understand why puritans say, ‘this is terrible’,” KSI told Sky Sports.



Whoever loses the KSI vs Logan Paul duel will face “years of torment” and the winner will receive the unimaginable flattery they have been fighting for years.

But beyond that, serious questions about YouTube boxing must be answered under the sharp spotlight of social media. No one knows what will happen or what the fighters will be able to do. Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn admitted that he scoffed at KSI’s first battle with Logan Paul, whose tickets were sold out at Manchester Arena. “They asked me to be involved in the first. Not for me,” Hearn said. “Twenty thousand tickets were sold out, and 1.4 million pay per views were bought later? I am interested in the rematch,” Hearn said.

“This is a big moment for boxing, but we have to count it. Are you going to try to bring new viewers to boxing, or are we going to remain stagnant?” Asked the famous boxing promoter.



KSI (real name Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji) is a 26-year-old British boxer who claimed, “I am always in the C or D team, I have never been a sporty man,” he said. Logan Paul is an American, 24, who looks like every athlete who has boasted: “I want to be a world heavyweight champion”.

Shannon Briggs will chant “let’s win” as coach Logan Paul, while KSI who was born in Watford has a relationship with Anthony Joshua. Sort of. “He went to the same dentist like me!”

KSI explained the fight against Logan Paul was an outlet for the ego. “It’s related to the ego – I think I’m better, he thinks he’s better. And we have a fan base that is constantly growing.” It’s about boxing and entertainment. I think I have done more for the YouTube scene and he hasn’t, ” he said.


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