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Klay Thompson Feels He is “Getting Better Every Day” after Rehab Therapy

Klay Thompson is hopeful of coming back into the Warriors squad next season.

The past two seasons have not been ideal for Klay Thompson. Ever since the 2019 NBA Finals, Thompson has not played a single league game to date. However, in a recent press conference, the 31-year-old divulged his progress in recuperating from the injuries.

In a chat with reporters, Thompson said, “It’s not something I like to visit. That being said, I’m getting better every day”

Klay Thompson sustained an initial ACL tear during the 2019 Finals. This slight injury ruled him out for the entire 2020-21 season. 10 months into rehab after the injury, Thompson was looking to make a comeback into the Warriors squad. However, disaster struck again as he suffered another Achilles tear which ruled him out for the 2021-22 season.

Klay Thompson explains his thoughts while in rehab

Thomspon was asked about what went on in his mind when he got to know that he will miss yet another season. He replied, “It was very painful. Feels like someone kicks you in the back of your heel as hard as they could. It happened on a two-dribble pull-up jump shot, a move I do 100 times a day. It was an unfortunate series of events.”

He continued, “It wasn’t anything I could’ve ever prepared for or prevented. I was working my but off for 10 months up to that point. We had to go back to the drawing board. I know it’s in the past.”

The impact Thompson had on the Golden State Warriors is even more visible now as they have not reached the same heights when he was around. Critics claim that the 2020 season was the worst the Dubs have played in many years.

Teammate Stephen Curry has taken it upon himself to carry the Warriors until his fellow “Splash Brother” arrives. In fact, after winning the 3-point contest this year, Chef Curry dedicated his victory to Klay Thompson.

The Golden State Warriors are currently ninth in the Western Conference standings. Despite the loss of Klay Thompson, the Warriors are battling for a playoff spot. With MVP contender Stephen Curry in their ranks, the Dubs will feel confident about qualifying.


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