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Khabib shows his support for PSG; ‘Let’s go PSG. InshaAllah!’

"Let's go PSG, InshaAllah!" -Khabib

The Eagle, apart from being a former Russian professional Mixed Martial Artist, is also a big soccer enthusiast. Subsequently, the champ is famous for his caliber. He holds the longest-reigning UFC Lightweight champion since April 2018.

With his interest in the sport of football, the Eagle has his support and best wishes for PSG. Khabib said, “Let’s go PSG, InshaAllah!”

Khabib’s love for Soccer

The 32-year-old UFC Lightweight Champion will attend the UEFA Champions League battle between Barcelona FC against Paris Saint Germain at the Parc des Princes stadium on Tuesday.

Khabib uploaded a story on his Instagram handle, reposting the Premier League’s Barcelona FC vs PSG post. Khabib’s Instagram story showed his support for the team PSG and said, ‘I will be in stadium tonight InshaAllah!’

Khabib Nurmagomedov is widely known for his unbeaten streak 29-0. Furthermore, the champ has already been a guest of honor at the Parc des Princes stadium where he connected with Youri Djorkaeff and David Beckham in the French capital.

'Let's Go PSG, InshaAllah'- Khabib

PARIS, FRANCE – SEPTEMBER 18: MMA star Khabib Nurmagomedov of Russia (black cap), Youri Djorkaeff attend the UEFA Champions League group A match

It is not the first time that the champ has shown his love for football. Further, he has also attended many Champions League matches.

Subsequently, Nurmagomedov gave an interview at BT Sport, where the lightweight champ impressed everyone with his football knowledge. Khabib recalled watching Liverpool’s spectacular final win at the 2005 Champions League over AC Milan.

“I think I am not only a fan, I think I know [football] history, English Premier League, for me, is the best league in the world. I follow everything.” -Khabib.

Khabib is a big fan of the Spanish giants, Real Madrid. Conversely, the reason for his support towards PSG as it goes against the old rivals of Real. He earlier joked about being a free agent and training to gain a professional contract.

Khabib was also captured wearing a Galatasaray shirt at a game in Turkey. His love for the sport of football is incredible as the past winter, he visited a training session of the Russian Premier League during their warm-weather camp in Dubai.


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