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Khabib Gives Strong Encouragement to UFC Business in Middle East

Khabib Gives Strong Encouragement to UFC Business in Middle East

Khabib Gives Strong Encouragement to UFC Business in Middle East


TAK only shines in the octagon ring and displays hard sports that entertain many fans, the presence of Khabib Nurmagomedov is also considered to be able to encourage business and economics in the Middle East.

UFC Executive Vice President Lawrence Epstein said Khabib had given the UFC a “strong push” in the Middle East. He is widely regarded as the Middle East’s favorite UFC fighter. Through interviews with Arabian Business some time ago, Epstein said that the UFC business in the region had benefited significantly from the success of Khabib.

“We once had an event here, bringing global UFC stars, and it was very successful. He is a star and has a very large local following. He is a Muslim athlete and has spent a lot of time in the region.

That makes Khabib very welcome here. Our aim is to expose as many people as possible to the MMA sports and UFC brands. Having an athlete who has succeeded in penetrating world achievements and getting people in certain regions interested will help us accelerate that growth, “he said.

According to Mohammed “Hawk” Shahid as CEO of the KHK MMA Bahrain who is also a former Nurmagomedov team, most of Khabib’s popularity was gained in the Middle Eastern region.

Among its supporters in the region, there is the name of the founder of KHK MMA, as well as a member of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Khalid bin Hamad Khalifa. “His popularity and relationship with His Holiness Khalid made many people in the Middle East know who he was and support him.

When people in the United States and the Western world began to see him as a superstar, Khabib was already a superstar in this region. We all support it. For every fight he does, “said Shahid.

Khabib also acknowledged its popularity in the Middle East region and said it would open up opportunities to fight again in Abu Dhabi. “I love these people and they love me. I hope they like my appearance. Maybe next year. We’ll see, “he said.


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