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Khabib again refuses revenge with McGregor: “We don’t pay attention to idiots”

Khabib again refuses revenge with McGregor: "We don't pay attention to idiots"

Khabib vs. McGregor


Since Conor McGregor lost with Khabib Nurmagomedov in UFC 229 that there has been the talk of a rematch. But, the current lightweight champion, will not give that whim to the Irish.

Nurmagomedov recently revealed that McGregor needs 10 wins before getting a rematch. But, when asked about fighting in Moscow, the champion ruled out the possibility and believes that Conor doesn’t deserve the fight.


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“Honestly, I don’t think he wants that fight. How is that? I beat him in four rounds. I hit him and strangled him,” Nurmagomedov said in a question and answer session to fans. It was a sign that I didn’t want to be there, let me go pleased and all that. And now he wants revenge.”



“First of all, you have to earn it. We are in the fourth year of his last victory. Three years have passed and now we are in the room. To fight for the belt I had to fight 10 times in the UFC.” He continued. “I am not counting 16 victories that I had outside the UFC. In every fight I didn’t win it with my mouth, but with facts. That’s where we are different, he talks about it, I do it.”

“It’s good for me because even when I keep quiet and say nothing, people can realize for themselves.” “Wait, that guy talks and the other guy just acts.” Just talking is one thing, but when it comes to doing so, he is completely different. So for me, there are no ads or insults. He is an idiot. I don’t pay attention to idiots,” Khabib concluded.

Conor McGregor announced that he will return to the octagon and face Donald Cerrone on January 18. On the part of Khabib Nurmagomedov, the Russian indicated that he will return in March and will face Tony Ferguson.


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