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Kenya VS. Mozambique Preview, Prediction, Team News, Live Stream And Head To Head

Kenya vs Mozambique Preview, Prediction, Team News, Live Stream And Head To Head

Kenya vs Mozambique


On October 13, 2019 there will be an International Friendly match between MOZAMBIQUE and KENYA which will be held at the Moi International Sports Centre (Nairobi) staidum.

MOZAMBIQUE is very clever in defense and counterattack. But it would not be good for them to underestimate Kenya. Becasue it’s football and anything can happen in the filed.

After viewing both sides statistics, results it seems Kenya can win in today’s clash because Mozabique has always the lowest ranking in the International Friendly, and of course the two Teams will have a very interesting match.

Kenya’s first victory from Mozambique came from a counterattack, Mozambique was overwhelmed by Kenya’s very fast and deadly counterattack and at last they were failed to stop Kenya.

For this time we are confident that KENYA will be superior to Mozambique because Mozambique prefers to carry out active attacks, while KENYA has a strong Defense and spooky counterattack.


Head to head MOZAMBIQUE vs KENYA:

Sat 12/11/16 FRI Kenya 1 – 0 Mozambique
Sun 09/09/09 WQA Mozambique 1 – 0 Kenya
Sat 6/20/09 WQA Kenya 2 – 1 Mozambique


The results of five MOZAMBIQUE matches:

Mon 26/06/17 COC Mozambique 0 – 4 Zimbabwe
Thu 06/29/17 COC Seychelles 1 – 2 Mozambique
Fri 30/06/17 COC Mozambique
1-4 Madagascar Sun 16/07/17 ANC Madagascar 2 – 2 Mozambique
Sun 23 / 07/17 ANC Mozambique 0 – 2 Madagascar


The results of five KENYA matches:

Thu 03/23/17 FRI Kenya 1 – 1 Uganda
Sun 26/03/17 FRI Kenya 2 – 1 Congo DR
Tue 04/18/17 FRI Kenya 0 – 0 Malawi
Sun 04/06/17 FRI Kenya 1 – 0 Angola
Sat 6/10/17 ACO Sierra Leone 2 – 1 Kenya


Predicted lineups of MOZAMBIQUE vs KENYA:

MOZAMBIQUE: Guambe, Teca, Danilo, Francisco, Caminho, Muacuone, Nuno De Sousa, Gulube, Capena, Simango, Divrassone.

KENYA: B. Oluoch, J. Atudo, B. Mandela, D. Ochieng, D. Owino, O. Khamis, V. Wanyama, E. Omondi, S. Onyango, M. Olunga, J. Were.


Final Prediction: MOZAMBIQUE vs KENYA: 1 – 3


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