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Juventus Describes Gonzalo Higuain’s present Condition

Juventus Describes Gonzalo Higuain's present Condition
Juventus said Gonzalo Higuain was rushed to the hospital to treat wounds on his forehead


Juventus revealed the latest developments Gonzalo Higuain who suffered a head injury against Lecce. It was said, the Argentine attacker had been taken to hospital for treatment.

Juventus’s visit to the Lecce headquarters at the Stadio Comunale Via del Mare on Saturday (10/26) ended with a lack of wear. Apart from only sharing the results 1-1, the Series A champion was forced to see blood gushing from Higuain’s head.

The incident occurred towards the end of the match. Lecce keeper Gabriel jumps to punch a corner. But, unintentionally, his elbows hit Higuain’s forehead. However, Pipita insisted on continuing to appear. Moreover, Juventus have spent allotment of substitutions.

Higuain even looked annoyed because the medical team needed a long time to close the wound. But, after the long whistle sounded, the former Napoli and Real Madrid bomber looked staggered and finally fell.

Higuain has then carried off the field and taken to the dressing room. “Higuain got a number of stitches on his forehead. After that, it was decided whether to take him to the hospital. He is still conscious and answering questions smoothly, “explained Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri, reported sky sport.

But to avoid things that are not desirable, Juventus decided to take Higuain to the hospital to get a more complete examination. That is, not yet certain whether the 31-year-old player can appear during the home match against Genoa on Thursday (10/31).

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