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Justin Huni Vs Paul Gallen is Now “Boxing Vs Rugby League”, Claims Promoter Dean Lonergan

Paul Gallen has accused Justin Huni’s camp of being cheapskates and using the rugby league great to raise the profile of the little-known boxing star.

Justin Huni VS Paul Gallen is slated for June 16, and won’t go ahead if the Australian heavyweight champion is hurt in the bout next week with Christian Tsoye.

Gallen says it’s a joke and is demanding Huni’s agent Dean Lonergan stump up expenses for the NRL premiership winner if his pay-per-view fight with Huni is canceled.

Dean Lonergan said, “Paul’s got less chance of winning this fight as he did as captain of State of Origin against Queensland. I think once in eight or nine Origins he won.”

“Paul’s in a whole world of pain. Paul’s been in the entertaining/circus fighting game. Now he’s in the hurt game. And it’s a whole different ball game. Justin is going to inflict a lot of pain and he’s going to find out what it’s like with a real boxer.”

“This is now boxing vs rugby league and we need Justin to step up and knock him out.”

Paul Gallen punches Lucas Browne during their bout at WIN Entertainment Centre.

Paul Gallen punches Lucas Browne during their bout at WIN Entertainment Centre on April 21, 2021 in Wollongong, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

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Paul Gallen in his own style replied back to Dean.

He said, “I’m fighting Justin, not you Dean. Just remember that. I think he wants to fight me sometimes, the way he talks. I know Justin doesn’t think I can win but I’m here to surprise him. There’s a reason I’ve been a professional athlete for 20 years. Not much has changed, I’ve continued to surprise everyone along the way.”

Huni is not a household name and Gallen will reportedly receive 85 percent of the takings from their fight. Little wonder Gallen is nervous about Huni stepping into the ring just three weeks before.



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