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Junior Dos Santos interested in facing Tyson Fury at UFC

Junior Dos Santos interested in facing Tyson Fury at UFC

After boxing Tyson Fury revealed his intention to experiment in MMA, several fighters were interested in welcoming him. The last to speak was the former UFC champion, Junior Dos Santos, who claimed to be the best challenge for the Englishman.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, he talked about it.

The world of MMA was surprised after knowing that Tyson could debut at MMA next year. The Englishman was even seen training with Darren Till, who offered to help him in his transition.

“It would be a perfect fight for Tyson Fury at MMA, as he wishes. If I beat him, I can face him in boxing, in his world. He would come to my territory and then I would go to his. It will be a great time for both sports. ” Dos Santos said.

“I don’t think he changes completely in MMA, but I think he’s going to fight only once. It would be interesting. We have seen UFC walking to that side. We saw Dana White meeting Floyd Mayweather again, and that’s good for all of us,” said Junior, showing enthusiasm for those plans. “It will be a great opportunity for me. I always dreamed of the opportunity to face a great boxer. That is my area, where I feel more comfortable,” concluded the full weight.

Junior already has a fight scheduled at UFC in early 2020, the Brazilian will face Curtis Blaydes in the stellar UFC Raleigh, which will take place on January 25.


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