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Josh Taylor does not care about the status of the New King of British Boxing

Josh Taylor does not care about the status of the New King of British Boxing

Josh Taylor does not care about the status of the New King of British Boxing


Josh Taylor does not care about the status of the New King of British Boxing after winning the unification duel Super Light Class unification against Regis Prograis. He was ignored as the new British boxing superstar after Anthony Joshua who had become the world heavyweight champion.

Josh Taylor’s right eye is still swollen. The color is purple and red which indicates that his right eye is swollen. Taylor’s right eye was swollen after a brutal battle with Regis Prograis in the unification duel Super Light Class unification on Saturday night.

On the other hand, Prograis will wake up with the same wound on Sunday morning. However, Taylor’s pain would soon disappear if he saw the unification championship belt and the Muhammad Ali trophy he had seized after conquering Prograis.

Duel Taylor vs Prograis was one of the most devastating on British soil in 2019. The two boxers who were unbeaten in the Super Light Class fought brutally until round 12. In fact, Taylor had to fight with one normal eye in the last two rounds.

“My eyes are completely closed so I can’t see anything coming from that side,” Taylor said. “The last two rounds I fought based on instinct, with one eye. Fighting tactics only use heart and determination,” he said.

Other forces also play a role. The victory was achieved in an atmosphere of grief – he lost his father-in-law while his coach, Shane McGuigan lost his sister. That feeling exploded when Taylor’s name was announced as the winner on Saturday night, and he fell to his knees to give thanks.

“I am overwhelming emotions that I have been harboring for the past eight weeks,” he said. “I cannot grieve calmly. Now I can begin the process of grieving because I have not been as emotionally connected as I wanted during the training camp, ” he continued.

“The rollercoaster from the emotion of joy and happiness became champions of unification, but also sadness because he was not in here. The drive and motivation to do it made it work through me.”

With a record of 16 unbeaten battles, motorcycle enthusiasts from the outskirts of Edinburgh have collected two of the four major super-light world titles, and the Muhammad Ali trophy to win the World Boxing Super Series. The title is proof, from an amateur who was knocked out of the 2012 London Olympics but won gold in Scotland at Commonwealths 2014.

Taylor is the new king of British boxing, a fusion of left-handed hands and toughness that is hard to believe until you see him in fights like Saturday night.

“When I met him, I knew he was special,” said his manager, Barry McGuigan. “Sixteen professional battles, he’s a sensational kid. He shows perseverance and courage that only great fighters show,” Barry said.

In his own admission, Taylor looked embarrassed after the fight when asked if he could replace Anthony Joshua as a sportsman who was loved in England. “Honestly, I don’t care to be a big superstar. I hope Joshua does it for British fighters because he is the face of the sport. I’m just interested in being the best I can be. I don’t go looking to become a superstar – fame will come, but I’m not busy with that, ” he said.


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