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Jorge Masvidal responds to statements by Nick Diaz: “Now everyone wants to face me”

Jorge Masvidal responds to statements by Nick Diaz: "Now everyone wants to face me"

Jorge Masvidal


The year 2019 will be remembered forever in the history of Jorge Masvidal. In less than six months, the fame of the Cuban grew significantly, causing it to star in a numbered event and the creation of a symbolic belt.

Nick Diaz who is away from the sport four years ago, challenged Jorge after defeating his brother in UFC 244.

In an interview with “The Dan LeBatard Show,” the fighter talked about his future at MMA.

“He is asking me for a fight? Am I getting straight or is he inviting me to walk somewhere? He is asking to fight? Does he know that he is asking me for a fight? ” Jorge wondered.


Masvidal’s response is given by a comment from Diaz, after declaring in a recent interview that he was irritated with a statement from Jorge, where he said he would baptize Nate at UFC 244.

The statement offended Nick, who suggested a fight between him and the owner of the “BMF” belt.

Masvidal, for his part, ironic about the challenges he has received. According to the welterweight, few wanted to face him when he was not in the elite of his category and did not have the symbolic belt.

“Many people say my name now. They didn’t want to fight me before, see, a year, or two years ago. Everyone wants to face me now. It’s very funny to me because those same people didn’t want to face me before, ” Masvidal shot.



In 2019, Masvidal made three fights and won all of them. One of the most brutal was the knee that connected Ben Askren, beating him in five seconds, and gave him the right to make a super fight with Nate Diaz.

At that time, the Cuban did not know what path he will take. According to Dana White, the president of UFC, with the latest results, Masvidal opened many possibilities for him. But it is not clear that it follows.

“We do not know what comes next. Everyone wants money. The next challenge will be the person who will place the largest number of zeros in my account. Whoever it is,” concluded Masvidal.


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