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Jorge Lorenzo Asks Honda Not to Emphasize Children Marc Marquez

Jorge Lorenzo Asks Honda Not to Emphasize Children Marc Marquez

Jorge Lorenzo asked Honda not to listen only Marc Marquez.


Jorge Lorenzo hopes that the Repsol Honda team will not only listen to Marc Marquez’s advice about developing a Honda RC213V. He wanted the team to also listen to his advice.

The reason, until now he was still having trouble riding the iron horse RC213V made in Japan. Lorenzo claimed to need a motor that is suitable and comfortable for him. “Marquez’s opinion is the main reference in the development of Honda motorcycles. He is the fastest Honda racer at the moment, “Lorenzo said, reported by GPOne.

“I still have to adapt. However, I believe that Honda is a great manufacturer that can satisfy us. No need in all areas, but quite a few areas, “said Lorenzo.

The 2019 MotoGP season leaves only a few more races. However, Lorenzo is still not familiar with Honda motorcycles. Aside from the injuries that have plagued him since the start of MotoGP 2019, the difficulty in understanding the performance of RC213V is recognized by the racer nicknamed the X-Fuera as the main reason he is struggling to date.

He considered the RC213V motorbike was indeed made specifically for Marquez. Because that also makes it difficult for other racers to adapt. Lorenzo realized that changing Honda’s tradition of creating the best motorbikes for Marquez would be difficult to change.

Moreover, so far Marquez is still the best in the MotoGP race. Therefore, Hamamatsu’s squad will always make Marquez the main focus in the development of motorcycles. However, Lorenzo really hoped that Honda would think about it.

He wanted Honda not only to listen to Marquez’s advice. At the very least, Lorenzo hopes that Honda will be able to provide motorcycles that make it in several areas. He was sure that this would still be possible for a Honda-class team. However, it seems like Lorenzo’s hope that Honda would listen to his advice would be difficult to materialize.

Repsol Honda Team Manager Alberto Puig has so far praised Marquez, especially Marquez’s performance at Aragon. Marquez’s dominance was truly extraordinary in the race because he was able to lead the race from beginning to end.

His position at the front was immovable so he finally established himself as the winner in the 14th race. Puig calls Marquez’s slick performance in Aragon as when the racer ruled the United States and Germany MotoGP.

In these two arenas, Marquez is truly invincible and always ahead of his competitors. In addition, Puig felt the combination between Marquez and RC213V was very perfect.

Therefore, he was not surprised that Marquez’s performance at the 2019 Aragon MotoGP was so strong because the combination went well. “The combination of Marquez and Honda works perfectly,” Puig said, reported by Motorsport.


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