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Jeremy Stephens: “If Yair Rodríguez doesn’t die, it won’t work for me”

Jeremy Stephens: “If Yair Rodríguez doesn't die, it won't work for me”


The first fight was on because the two protagonists were in charge of promoting it well and putting together a rivalry. But nothing compared to this second. Jeremy Stephens and Yair Rodríguez go to UFC Boston on Friday to end each other.

Moreover, Lil Heathen” seems to have gone mad according to his recent statements after open workouts.


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► Jeremy Stephens and Yair Rodríguez

“I’m going to kill that boy. If he does not die, I am not worth it. Is personal. That boy has tried to take money from my son’s table. Do you think it is a game? What is a sport? This is a fight. I fight for my blood, I fight for my family.”



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