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Jake Paul Rages to Stop Ben Aksren In six Minutes and “F**king walk out of the Arena”

Heat between Ben Askren and Jake Paul turns up for April 17

This Saturday the former youtube sensation Jake Paul will go neck to neck against the former Bellator and ONE champion, Ben Askren. It’s a fight that has captured a lot of attention. The MMA community has strong opinions about how Jake Paul will fare against Ben. Jake never backs down from beef and took his sweet time in responding to the allegations.

He said, “I think it’s hilarious. Again, I have the ace up my sleeve and these guys don’t know what I’m capable of. They don’t know how hard I can hit.” While many think he doesn’t stand a chance at being a combat sports athlete. But Jake banks on being the underdog and prove his strength through the fight.

He had a lot to talk about Ben Askren as well. Jake said, “Sure, Ben has a great chin, he’s been hit a couple of times. This guy is coming off of a knockout, coming off of a loss and to sit here and think that this old guy Ben Askren. People to say he has better cardio than me or that I’m gonna get tired is absolutely hilarious. Ben Askren can’t work as hard as me in one practice. My one practice is harder than his whole entire training camp.”

Jake Paul attends Logan Paul Workout Showcase at Wild Card Boxing Club

Jake Paul attends Logan Paul Workout Showcase at Wild Card Boxing Club. (Credit Getty Images)

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Can Jake Paul Shine Against Ben Askren?

Over the last couple of years,  Jake Paul has devoted himself to boxing and since then delivered few impressive performances. There’s no doubt that his talent has grown steadily. But many believe his next fight is a completely different story. Ben Askren has been into wrestling for all his life and started his MMA career well over a decade ago.

Paul was asked to comment on the topic that many believe Ben with his experience can crush him easily. Jake said, “I believe he’s gonna be tough but at the end of the day this is boxing and he can’t take me down after I start cracking him. He can try and come in and clinch me, he can try and hold on but he’s gonna get warned for that right off the bat.”

Jake Paul and Ben Askren face each other Saturday night at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Many of us wait to see who’ll fare better, the former champion or the former Youtuber.


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