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In Misano, Marc Marquez doesn’t want to be cheated

Marc Marquez is determined to win the first podium at the San Marino GP. Photo: GP One

Marc Marquez is determined to win the first podium at the San Marino GP. Photo: GP One


The failure of Marc Marquez to reach the main podium at the Austrian GP and the British GP made the Repsol Honda rider unwilling to be cheated again. He was determined to reach an honorable position at the GP San Marino, Sunday (09/15/2019).

He is optimistic that he can be the fastest. The Baby Alien, nicknamed Marc Marquez, claimed the condition of his heart and mind were very positive. Besides, the positive results of the trial a few weeks ago were the main reasons for believing that they could do much.


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Marquez said he had tried many things to better understand his motorbike at the weekend race. Even so, Marquez realized that the San Marino GP would not be easy for him.

The reason, one of the drivers who became his concern this season, Fabio Quartararo, appeared extraordinary by posting the fastest time in the Misano test. “I believe I can achieve positive results at the race this weekend, but we are dealing with tough opponents, especially after yesterday’s trial. “Our approach has not changed, we have our plans and we will work on it and see what happens on Sunday,” Marquez said by Speedweek.


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“After several strong races and productive tests, we are in the right position for Misano. During the test, we were able to try many things and understand how Honda will perform at Misano this season, “Marquez said. In line with Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo believes the Repsol Honda Team will triumph at the San Marino GP.

The 2018 MotoGP World Champion hopes that the positive trend every pave at the Misano Circuit will occur on the weekend. Lorenzo does have a neat record in the last few years every race at San Marino. Lorenzo is famous for matching the characteristics of the Misano Circuit.

Por Fuera, Lorenzo’s nickname, still holds the record of being a rider with the most wins to date. Previously, Lorenzo did appear less ferocious when undergoing his first comeback after suffering a spinal injury at the British GP.

However, he said, if his physical condition at this time was far better and ready to be used for racing. “Every day I am getting better and can train even harder than before. The gap between the races is quite helpful.

Despite not taking the full test, we can get good data to start the weekend well. “Misano is a good circuit for me, so I hope that this weekend we can continue to catch up,” Lorenzo said.


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