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“I’m really happy with him” Arteta expresses how he is pleased with Lacazette’s performance

Alexandre Lacazette

This season has not been kind to Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal. Moreover, it appears that his struggle could increase even more. Recently, several rumors suggest that Arsenal’s French striker Alexandre Lacazette is looking for a summer move away from the Emirates Stadium.

Since joining the team, Lacazette has been excellent for the club. However, with the team struggling to find their groove, it’s only natural he would want out. The 29-year-old is in the prime of his career and if stays with the club, he might waste those years.

Although Lacazette has been linked to several clubs, no deal has come to fruition right now. He still has around 18 months left on his contract, so the club has plenty of time to offer him a good extension prior to the upcoming transfer window.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta on the future of Lacazette with the club

Alexandre Lacazette

After these transfer rumors started to catch some fire, it was only a matter of time before reporters started questioning the manager. As Arteta was asked about his thoughts on these rumors, he replied:

He’s got a contract with us. He played really well the other week. It’s exactly what we demand him to do. I’m really happy with him and the discussions about his contract will happen soon and we will see what happens. Well, I’m hoping that a player under contract will continue with us. Every case is different and we’re going to assess that and we’ll make a decision in relation to that.”

As Arteta said, it could still go either way. While the rumors are flooding the social media, Lacazette himself is yet to make any comment about his future.

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