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‘If you can, Frank Lampard Won’t Want to Recruit Christian Pulisic’

'If you can, Frank Lampard Won't Want to Recruit Christian Pulisic'

Christian Pulisic celebrates a goal against Red Bull Salzburg


The Chelsea Coach, Frank Lampard, do not get the luxury to choose players. If only he had, he claimed would not have recruited Christian Pulisic.

Privileges were lost when FIFA imposed a ban on the transfer to Chelsea. Their transfer embargo lasted for two years. Currently, the Blues management is working hard so that the sentence can be revoked.

Therefore, Chelsea can only rely on players who have been around at the moment. The new faces at Stamford Bridge now are mostly young people who have just gone through a loan spell at another club. Real examples are Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount.

The case does not apply to Pulisic. Chelsea can be said to be fortunate to have secured his services subject to punishment. It’s just that Pulisic was only able to join last summer because of a special agreement between Chelsea and Dortmund.

Pulisic potential is quite large. At a young age, he has attracted the attention of many giant clubs. One of them is Bayern Munich who reportedly was quite desperate to bring it.

Because of this potential, he was predicted as a successor to Eden Hazard who chose to move to Real Madrid. But until now, Pulisic has not been able to meet public expectations of him.

That then becomes the reason why the public frowns. Doubt arises from the former Blues player, Chris Sutton. He believes that Pulisic will never be on the purchase list if Lampard has the luxury to determine the player.

“Frank Lampard has no agenda with him. He chose the best team to win the game. That’s his job. He wasn’t buying Lampard, that’s for sure,” Sutton told Radio 5 Live.

Mason Mount has proven its quality. While other young players, Callum Hudson-Odoi, have been able to re-strengthen Chelsea after injury. The existence of these two players can make Pulisic playing at Stamford Bridge increasingly minimal.

“With Hudson-Odoi and Mason Mount appearing, he will have a big problem getting into the starting line-up. I have such confidence. I don’t see a way for him at this time,” he added.

“58 million [pounds], so much money was spent on him and it would be interesting to ask Frank if he would recruit him at this time if he hadn’t bought it before? The answer to that, I think is quite clear – it won’t,” he said.

Pulisic, 21, has only made six appearances in all competitions. He also just pocketed two assists and has not scored at all.


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