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I’d like to meet my childhood hero Michael Jordan: said Novak Djokovic

Michael Jordan

A gem emerged from Serbia, the world No. 1, and the only player to win all elite tournaments on the modern ATP Tour. Furthermore,  he has won 81 ATP singles titles, including a record eight Australian Open titles and a record 36 Masters events, must have met thousands of people including the greatest of sport but still aspires to meet his childhood hero, Michael Jordan.

Novak Djokovic

Yet he would love to arrange a meeting with his childhood hero Michael Jordan, the retired Chicago Bulls basketballer and considered by many to be the best-ever NBA star.


Novak Djokovic recalls his almost-meeting with Michael Jordan

In an interview with Vice Serbia, Novak Djokovic recalled when he almost met the former basketball star Michael Jordan.” I remember that I was having a break between training sessions”, said Djokovic. “My wife was hanging in the city with her sister. My mobile phone rang, I had turned the audio off which I used to before we became parents when we had more time to rest, but at some point, I saw it continued and I was like, What’s the matter? Who is looking for me?” He continued, “I checked it and I found five calls lost by my wife.

I answered, and she told me: ‘Jordan is here, five meters in front of me.’ I was like: ‘Sorry?’ She replied: ‘Michael Jordan, your idol that you wanted to know so much. Come here straight forward!’ I told her: ‘I am training this afternoon and I have to rest…’

I really said that. I turned the phone off, I thought about it and after ten minutes I came to her. But Jordan had already left. But never mind, we may meet each other somewhere. They told me he is a great golfer.”

Michael Jordan

Novak Djokovic revealed his interest in playing golf with Michael Jordan

In a recent interview, Djoker revealed his wish to play golf with the six-time NBA Champion and Chicago Bulls legend, MJ. The 33-year-old star expressed, “Michael Jordan, I didn’t meet Michael, but he’s one of my childhood heroes as people that I was looking up to as probably, most in this world. Ya, that would be really nice. We have a lot of common friends and he loves golf, so maybe I can catch him on some of the golf courses in the future.”

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