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“I like him but won’t take him as my first pick”: Trevor Lawrence is not favored by June Jones:

Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence’s name is on everyone’s lips right now. Almost every evaluator rates him as the best quarterback prospect for this year’s NFL draft. The Clemson graduate has put in stunning performances for his alma-mater and has turned heads all around the country. However, one such revered evaluator does not rate him as the upcoming draft’s best prospect.

Former Atlanta Falcons’ head coach June Jones has said that Lawrence will be his third pick behind Alabama State’s Mac Jones and BYU’s Zach Wilson. Jones also explained his reasoning behind why he prefers these two quarterbacks over the crowd-favorite Trevor Lawrence.

June Jones’ analysis on Trevor Lawrence:

June Jones was asked about Lawrence when he was discussing the 2021 draft. He said, “Hey, I do like him. But I would not take him with the first pick, though, everyone is saying that’s the guy at 1. But I would trade that pick and take one of these other quarterbacks down the line. He’s a very talented kid, don’t get me wrong, and I think he’s a winner. He can do things that other quarterbacks can’t do, such as run.”

Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence has put in stellar performances for Clemson University

However, he also added some points which, according to him, topple Lawrence from the top of the pile. “But what I’ve noticed is, when you see him drop back and throw, let’s say, a 9-route down the field, on those completions that he had over 20 yards, a lot of times his receivers make great plays on those balls. And they weren’t right on the money, they weren’t right in stride. The receivers sometimes had to work for the deep ball with him than what a great quarterback.”

Jones’ criteria for picking excellent quarterbacks

When he was the head coach of Atlanta Falcons and San Diego chargers, June Jones always used to judge the position of his quarterback’s eyes. According to him, all the naturally gifted quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady watch their receivers instead of the ball. This little practice gives them more time to pick a pass to perfection.

Jones worked with Steve Bartkowski in Atlanta. He had the same difficulty in watching his receivers. That is why more often than not his throws missed his teammates by a foot or less. Once Jones and Bartowski worked the problem out, Bartkowski’s deep ball became one of the best in the NFL in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

June Jones

Trevor Lawrence is June Jones’ third overall draft pick

The chances of Trevor Lawrence being signed in this draft are very high. Reportedly Jacksonville Jaguars are in front of the race for securing his services. His performances for Clemson University have been superb, and there is no doubt that he will emulate those numbers in the NFL.

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