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“I don’t think he’s ready, I think he needs more time” Steve Nash reacts to Kevin Durant’s injury after missing fourth straight game

Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets

After being out of action for more than a year, Kevin Durant made an amazing comeback this season. It feels like he was never injured and is playing at an elite level. However, since an Achilles can end a player’s career, the medical staff of the team has been pretty cautious about playing him extra minutes.

While Durant has recovered from the Achilles injury, he has not played in the last three games for the Nets. The reason being, he is facing a strained hamstring which has kept the former MVP out of action.

While KD was expected to return to action for the Sunday night clash vs the LA Clippers. He will remain out as the team wants to make sure that he is 100% before he steps back in the court.

Nets head coach Steve Nash on Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant

According to a report by ESPN, Nets head coach Steve Nash spoke about Durant’s fourth consecutive miss. Nash stated:

Like I keep saying, I don’t think this is a long-term thing. But there is elements of maybe it being, taking a few more days than we thought or just being cautious. I think right now both are necessary. I don’t think he’s ready, I think he needs more time, but we’re also definitely going to be cautious.”

As Nash pointed out the fans don’t need to worry about KD missing a lot of games. But at the same time rushing him back won’t do any good either. That explains the current recovery plan for the 2-time NBA champion.

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But what are your thoughts on the Kevin Durant scenario? Do you think the team should play him soon or let him get proper rest to avoid reinvigorating the previous injury?


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