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“I didn’t play my best level” Daniil Medvedev expresses his frustration after being defeated by Novak Djokovic in Australian Open Final

Daniil Medvedev lost the Australian Open 2021 to Novak Djokovic.

Daniil Medvedev got defeated by World No. 1 Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open 2021 finals on Sunday, 21 February 2021.

Djokovic raised his ninth Australian Open trophy and ended the 20-winning streak of Medvedev.

What happened in the final match?

The men’s single final-match of the Australian Open 2021 between Medvedev and the defending champion Djokovic.

The Russian had a brilliant winning streak in the tournament, and speculations were there that he will be a tough opponent for Djokovic. However, the ranked four does not appear as a threat to the Serb. He could not push Djokovic to the fifth set like Thiem did in the last year.

Novak Djokovic got his ninth Australian Open title.

Novak Djokovic got his ninth Australian Open title.

The match ended in favor of the Serb with a straight-set of  7-5, 6-2 and, 6-2. Djokovic extended the record of nine Australian Open titles and 18 Major titles.

What did Daniil Medvedev get to say about Novak Djokovic?

In the post-match interview, the Russian mentioned his first encounter with Djokovic. He also mentioned back then he ranked 500 or 600 and Djokovic already ranked one and might have just ignored him. However, the Serb was exceptionally friendly and treated him respectfully.

Medvedev said, “Just to tell you a small story,” Daniil Medvedev said. “I first practiced with Novak in Monaco when I think I was 500 or 600 in the world and he was already World No. 1. He had just won Wimbledon.

“I thought he was not going to speak to me or anything because the guy was a god for me,”

“Because I was shy, I didn’t really speak, but he came there – asking me questions and speaking to me like a friend. I was really surprised. It never changed if I am 600 in the world of 4th in the world.”, Medvedev added in the interview.

What did Daniil Medvedev say about his defeat?

The 25-year-old reported losing to Djokovic was not painful. However, the Russian could not play his best game in the match, and this frustrates him more than the loss.

In his debut slam in US Open 2019 against Rafael Nadal, he made a comeback in the third round before losing in the fifth set to Nadal. However, he could not make a single comeback in the game against the Serb and lost in a straight-set.

Daniil Medvedev lost to Novak Djokovic in Australian Open 2021 Finals.

Daniil Medvedev lost to Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open 2021 Finals.

Medvedev said, “It’s definitely tough. I don’t like to lose matches whether it’s a first-round or a final of a Grand Slam,

“I didn’t play bad, but I didn’t play my best level. Probably he made his game that good today that I couldn’t stay at my best level.”

The Russian also acknowledged Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic are much better players than him. This defeat thought him a lesson for the future and he needs to grow more to defeat ‘The Big Three’ in a Grand Slam.

He said, “If I play finals against Novak here again, I will try to do something different on and off the court. The Big 3, they’re just better tennis players, I am not shy to say this.”

What can we expect from Daniil Medvedev in the future?

This is just the first Grand Slam of 2021 for Medvedev, and he learned a lot from his defeat to number one in the world. We can expect stronger and more experienced Medvedev in future tournaments. Hence, he might lift a Grand Slam trophy in 2021.

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