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‘I am Not Really Talking About the Wizards’: John Wall After His Return to Washington

John Wall

After spending nearly a decade with the Washington Wizards, John Wall was traded by the organization this offseason. The team decided it was time to move on from their cornerstone and traded him for former NBA MVP Russell Westbrook.

While Westbrook is a great player, he has not been himself this season. He has been very inconsistent with his performances throughout the season. This has led to fans wondering if the organization made the right decision.

Well, there is still more than half of the season left for the fans to get their answer. Tonight was a special day for them as John Wall returned to Washington for the first time since the trade went down.

John Wall speaks about his return to Washington

While Wall had a sensational game, in which he finished with 29 points, the Wizards defeated the Rockets. After the game, John Wall was asked about his thoughts on the team where he played for such a long time.

According to an ESPN report, Wall said: “I think I spoke on it with The Athletic what I wanted to get off my chest and let the past be the past. Other than that, I’m not really talking about being with the Wizards or anything anymore.”

John Wall

Wall and the Wizards did not end their relationship on the best of terms. In fact, Wall was never kept in the loop about his trade. Until the end, he was assured that the organization had no plans to trade him.

However, that is not how it went down, and the Wizards did not hesitate once before bidding farewell to their former star. Nevertheless, can the duo of Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal accomplish the job that Wall failed to do? We will find out soon enough.

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What are your thoughts on Wall’s return to Washington? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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