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How to Watch UFC Live Stream Online

How to Watch UFC Live Stream Online



(UFC) The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the most viewed and popular combined martial arts competition in the world. Thanks to a large amount of publicity that is invested in fighters, more and more are interested and become fans of this world.

Few pay-TV channels have exclusive channels to enjoy the UFC, falling into repetition on their sports channels. Therefore many viewers turn to the Internet, where countless pages allow you to enjoy the best fights, with the best quality and with very low prices, even up to free. Let’s see the options below to watch UFC live stream online.

How to Watch UFC Live Stream on Live TV

Although it is not a known website or app, it is one of those that offer the best selection in wrestling sports. You can download this app from doing a simple Google search.


One of the most important features is that the quality of the videos is quite amazing. I am using this app for three years.

It also has an integrated search engine and offers a schedule of future events. It has no visible/hidden advertising.

Is Live TV free?

Yes, it is completely free. You do not need to spend a single penny to watch your favorite fight.



Red Direct TV

It is one of the most popular platforms because it not only has all the UFC categories but also other types of sports. An interesting fact is that it is part of the same Pirlo TV chain. Although the video quality is quite variable, the playback is stable and with good resolution. It has many channels available. It offers countless links to other pages to enjoy the UFC categories that are currently unavailable. Unlike other pages, it does not show excess advertising and It is completely free. (:

Pirlo TV

Although it is a website dedicated to football, it also broadcasts the UFC fights since it has 20 channels to enjoy such events, such as Fox Sports, ESPN, and DirecTv Sports, which are sharing content with this platform throughout the day. Searches are easily performed through your search engine, just simply enter certain keywords. Navigation is easy and fast. UFC content is available at any time. UFC Live Streaming

It is one of the most competitive pages in the world of the Internet thanks to its extensive live streaming connections, such as UFC Network or any other page dedicated to showing events of this type. The highlight is that it is a page that is here to stay because it helps other websites dedicated to the UFC to become viral. The quality of the live stream is of good quality regardless of whether the Internet connection is low speed. The image does not freeze while it is playing.

Sports Zone HD TV

It is very easy to use since on its main page there are the events available at the moment since they are broadcast live. Although he offers videos of other sports, his specialty is the UFC and WWE.


  • Updated schedules.
  • It offers sports reports and results of the event you want to know about.
  • It has a very wide billboard of all events.
  • It can be seen even from any device that has no problems with the different transmission formats.
  • It is in constant synchronization.
  • Many channels to choose from.



Top UFC Fighters:


Khabib Nurmagomedov

Conor McGregor

Dustin Poirier

Jon Jones

Stipe Miocic

Amanda Nunes

Tony Ferguson

 Max Holloway

Daniel Cormier

Demetrious Johnson

Henry Cejudo


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