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How To Watch MotoGP Live Stream Online

How To Watch MotoGP Live Stream Online



Formula 1 and MotoGP are the most popular sports races in the world. Movistar exclusively purchased the right to broadcast these races online. The digital TV platform offers Movistar F1 and Movistar MotoGP channels where only motorsport content is broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But that does not mean that there are no alternative ways to watch these sports racing in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries.

The Racing world is very interesting and we think you do not miss a single second, here we offer you a complete guide on how and where you can watch MotoGP live stream online (paid and free).

The problem of these exclusivity agreements is that many fans do not want to buy these services for their high cost. That is why they seek alternatives to watch races online. According to recent rumors, Movistar will stop broadcasting MotoGP races in 2019.

The reason is the emergence with a force of a great alternative that has positioned itself as a favorite and that does not require us to acquire other extra services to enjoy our favorite sports, as does the official streaming app for F1. So you pay only for what you want to watch.

Where to watch the MotoGP World Cup 2020?

We will create a list of all the options to watch the MotoGP World Cup 2020. To do this, we will provide the options that offer the best quality to the least:



How To Watch MotoGP Live Stream Online



DAZN is the British streaming platform that has bought the motorcycle racing world broadcasting rights from 2019 until 2022.

According to Movistar, we must spend $90 to $160 per month with the extra engine package that costs $11 more to watch our favorite shows or racing. But that will no longer be the case with Dazn, which has changed the whole thing. 

Now Dazn offers you a free month of MotoGP:

What Dazn intends is to become the Netflix of sport with many other sports besides MotoGP. Now every new user can enjoy MotoGP streaming online a month for free.

Therefore, the price is to watch MotoGP in Dazn is quite affordable, and most fans can afford it, which will only have to pay $10 a month without permanence, a figure even cheaper than the single package of Movistar engine, to which we would have to add all the other services that are imposed on us. In the case of Dazn, it will not be like that and we will only pay that we want to watch.

The DAZN service allows you to watch live content OnDemand. Besides, you can also watch Moto2, Moto3, MotoE besides MotoGP with all the official sessions.

All included under that cheap flat rate, with which you can access the content from any device: SmartTV, smartphones, tablets, consoles, and PCs, without the need to make long-term contracts, so it is another advantage and allows you to stop paying whenever you want if you don’t like what you see or don’t want it anymore. Do you think that is not enough? Well, I will tell you that it now offers 30 days of free service to try it.


How To Watch MotoGP Live Stream Online

Marc Marquez


How to buy and watch MotoGP in DAZN?

The first step is to access the DAZN website and create a user account with an email address and password.

The following will be to choose the payment method the user prefers. The first month is completely free, and the price is $11 per month. Users can unsubscribe from the service at any time, as there is no permanence contract.

Finally, just access the DAZN website and enjoy the platform’s broadcasts.

Where can you watch DAZN?

DAZN on TV and Smart TV

  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Sony.
  • Philips
  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

DAZN on Mobile

You can download the application for iOS or Android and enjoy the events instantly, later or away from home. Available on smartphones and tablets. Broadcast on smart TVs.


You can watch DAZN online in a browser, without having to download any software.

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Internet Explorer

DAZN on consoles

  • Playstation 3
  • Playstation 4
  • Xb


MotoGP Video Pass:


How To Watch MotoGP Live Stream Online

MotoGP Video Pass


This option is legal and users can easily watch content with no impediments by using its paid version. It is useful for those who can afford to pay for this service, although much more profitable than the Movistar option. You can watch the races with comments in several languages, including Spanish or English.

You can find more pieces of information about the annual subscription on the MotoGP official page. Once you have it, you can watch the races from any device connected to the Internet or you can connect it via an HDMI cable to your TV to watch it more comfortably and on a larger screen. Of course, you will not miss any session, since they cover all the sessions.

And if you are interested in the 2019 MotoGP preseason, you can now access from VideoPass for 26$.


Satellite dish and IPTV

How To Watch MotoGP Live Stream Online

Satellite dish and IPTV


If you have the option of installing a satellite dish in your home, you can catch some international channels. This is free, you only pay for the device, even if the language is different from yours. The good thing is that this investment besides MotoGP can allow you to capture other channels and sports (also Formula 1), with channels such as Eurosport Germany.

So we have the option of IPTV services. With these services, we can watch many international channels from smartTV, smartphone, tablet, or computer. But these types of services are not entirely legal.


Official Moto GP Application

In the official MotoGP app, you can follow everything related to the celebration of the grand prizes. It offers exclusive content and real-time information during practicing and races. The application is completely free and is also available for Apple phones here.


MotoGP Calendar 2019:


March 10th Qatar
March 31st Argentinian republic
April 14th Circuit of the Americas
May 5th Spain (Jeréz)
may 19 France
June 2nd Italy
June 16 Spain (Montmeló)
June 30th Netherlands
July 7th Germany
August 4th Czech Republic
August 11 Austria
August 25th Britain
September 15 San Marino
September 22 Spain (Aragon)
October 6 Thailand
October 20 Japan
October 27th Australia
November 3 Malaysia
November 17 Spain (Valencia)


How to watch MotoGP on TV?

To enjoy all the MotoGP races for the whole year, you must buy the packages from the broadcasting provider. We do not see any illegal way to watch MotoGP races without purchasing. However, you may find various websites on the internet that are providing free streaming for races but remember those are full of viruses, trojans, annoying and violating the legal rules. 

Other sites to watch MotoGP live

To watch MotoGP races there are a lot of websites available on the net that are completely free. These options are platforms that offer many sports streaming such as MotoGP, F1, Football, Rugby, Tennis and a lot more.

The bad thing about many of these pages is that they offer this content without a license, which implies a series of important issues to be taken into account by the user who decides to use them. Our recommendation is to use only platforms that have competent authorization for the live stream of such events, since these offer higher quality and, therefore, greater enjoyment. If you love motorcycle racing, they are undoubtedly the option to choose.

However, there are still many users who use some pages to watch the MotoGP races online for free. Here is a complete list of the different channels available that many users use to watch the live broadcast of the motorcycle racing.

Batman stream

When talking about free streaming sports sites, it is impossible not to mention Batman Stream? This platform is one of the most popular and seems to be the most visited daily.

Sports are divided into categories that can be accessed from the main web page. You can search for specific leagues or matches, making this site a favorite of football fans worldwide. Besides, it also provides motorcycle races that take place on weekends.

It should be noted that some links are not available to users in certain countries with restrictions.

VIP League

In VIP League they also allocated an exclusive space for the live stream of the motorcycle world cup for free and online. It has several links to access the races that are being carried out, as well as a calendar of upcoming events.


CricFree is a platform in English that is based in the United States. It streams a significant amount of sports channels, such as MotoGP, Formula 1, basketball and football and so on.

VIP box

VIP box covers all major sports live streaming including MotoGP, F1 and more. You can watch the recap in case you missed any point in the motorcycle world.

If you have more alternatives, doubts or any contribution, do not forget to leave your comment.


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