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How to Watch Euro 2020 Reddit Soccer Streams Free & Premium Online Anywhere in USA

The finest soccer Championship, Euro 2020 is here and we can’t wait to tell you where you can watch the games live from the USA. However, you can have as many online streaming apps possible and TV Channels but Reddit Soccer streams is certainly not the one.

The 2020 UEFA Euro is the 16th UEFA European Championship to be held this year. This is the quadrennial international men’s football championship of Europe organised by the Union of European Football Associations and it is delayed by a year due to the outbreak of Global pandemic Coronavirus.

UEFA Euro 2020 reddit soccer streams

    UEFA Euro trophy. (Courtesy: UEFA Euro Official Twitter handle)

Although taking place in 2021, the tournament will still be known as Euro 2020 and is about to be kicked off from today. The month long tournament will run from June 11 to July 11.

2020 Euro opening and closing ceremony

The opening ceremony is scheduled on June 11 at 02:00 PM ET with Martin Garrix, Bono and The Edge to perform virtually on state of the art technology at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Italy where the inaugural match will be played.

The closing ceremony will take place on July 11 as scheduled at the Wembley Stadium in United Kingdom.

Euro 2020 Rules

Group Stage

The 24 teams are split into six groups comprising of four teams each. The top two teams from each group and the four best third-place finishers in all groups will go through to the Round of 16.

Knockout Stage

The knockout round will start with the Round of 16, followed by quarterfinals, semifinals and the final on July 11 at Wembley Stadium in London.

Euro 2020 Groups and Teams

With Portugal starting the tournament as the defending champions, there will be 23 other teams to take part in this massive tournament.

Group A


Group B


Group C

North Macedonia

Group D

Czech Republic

Group E


Group F


Euro 2020 Schedule/ Fixtures (All timings are in EST)

Friday, June 11

Group A: Turkey vs. Italy, 3 PM

Saturday, June 12

Group A: Wales vs. Switzerland, 9 AM
Group B: Denmark vs. Finland, 12 PM
Group B: Belgium vs. Russia, 3 PM

Sunday, June 13

Group D: England vs. Croatia, 9 AM
Group C: Austria vs. North Macedonia, 12 PM
Group C: Netherlands vs. Ukraine, 3 PM

Monday, June 14

Group D: Scotland vs. Czech Republic, 9 AM
Group E: Poland vs. Slovakia, 12 PM
Group E: Spain vs. Sweden, 3 PM

Tuesday, June 15

Group F: Hungary vs. Portugal, 12 PM
Group F: France vs. Germany, 3 PM

Wednesday, June 16

Group B: Finland vs. Russia, 9 a.m. on ESPN
Group A: Turkey vs. Wales, 12 p.m. on ESPN
Group A: Italy vs. Switzerland, 3 p.m. on ESPN

Thursday, June 17

Group C: Ukraine vs. North Macedonia, 9 AM
Group B: Denmark vs. Belgium, 12 PM
Group C: Netherlands vs. Austria, 3 PM

Friday, June 18

Group E: Sweden vs. Slovakia, 9 AM
Group D: Croatia vs. Czech Republic, 12 PM
Group D: England vs. Scotland, 3 PM

Saturday, June 19

Group F: Hungary vs. France, 9 AM
Group F: Portugal vs. Germany, 12 PM
Group E: Spain vs. Poland, 3 PM

Sunday, June 20

Group A: Italy vs. Wales, 12 PM
Group A: Switzerland vs. Turkey, 12 PM

Monday, June 21

Group C: Ukraine vs. Austria, 12 PM
Group C: North Macedonia vs. Netherlands, 12 PM
Group B: Russia vs. Denmark, 3 PM
Group B: Finland vs. Belgium, 3 PM

Tuesday, June 22

Group D: Croatia vs. Scotland, 3 PM
Group D: Czech Republic vs. England, 3 PM

Wednesday, June 23

Group E: Sweden vs. Poland, 12 PM
Group E: Slovakia vs. Spain, 12 PM
Group F: Germany vs. Hungary, 3 PM
Group F: Portugal vs. France, 3 PM

Round of 16

Saturday, June 26

Group A runner-up vs. Group B runner-up, 12 PM
Group A winner vs. Group C runner-up 3 PM

Sunday, June 27

Group C winner vs. Third place Group D/E/F, 12 PM
Group B winner vs. Third place Group A/D/E/F 3 PM

Monday, June 28

Group D runner-up vs. Group E runner-up, 12 PM
Group F winner vs. Third place Group A/B/C, 3 PM

Tuesday, June 29

Group D winner vs. Group F runner-up, 12 PM
Group E winner vs. Third place Group A/B/C/D, 3 PM

Euro 2020 Quarterfinals

Friday, July 2

Quarterfinal 1, 12 PM

Quarterfinal 2, 3 PM

Saturday, July 3
Quarterfinal 3, 12 PM
Quarterfinal 4, 3 PM

Euro 2020 Semifinals

Tuesday, July 6

Semifinal 1 3 PM
Wednesday, July 7
Semifinal 2, 3 PM

2020 Euro Final

Sunday, July 11

Euro final, 3 PM

Euro 2020 Venues

The venues for Euro 2020 comprises of 11 countries.
Following are the Euro 2020 host countries:

Group A: Stadio Olimpico, Rome (Italy) and Olympic Stadium, Baku (Azerbaijan)

Group B: Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg (Russia) and Parken Stadium, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Group C: Johan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Arena Naționala, Bucharest (Romania)

Group D: Wembley Stadium, London (England) and Hampden Park, Glasgow (Scotland)

Group E: La Cartuja, Seville (Spain) and Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Group F: Allianz Arena, Munich (Germany) and Ferenc Puskas Stadium, Budapest (Hungary)

Round of 16: Wembley Stadium, London (England), Parken Stadium, Copenhagen (Denmark), Arena Naționala, Bucharest (Romania), Johan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam (Netherlands), La Cartuja, Seville (Spain), Ferenc Puskas Stadium, Budapest (Hungary), Hampden Park, Glasgow (Scotland)

Quarterfinals: Allianz Arena, Munich (Germany), Olympic Stadium, Baku (Azerbaijan), Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg (Russia), Stadio Olimpico, Rome (Italy)

Semifinals and Euro 2020 Final: Wembley Stadium, London (England)

UEFA Euro 2020

A scene from Baku, Azerbaijan as the city prepares to host the Grand UEFA Euro 2020. (Image courtesy: UEFA Euro Official Twitter handle)

Are fans allowed at Euro 2020?

The attendance of the fans at stadiums will depend of the respective country’s Covid-19 rules and regulations.

Saint Petersburg and Baku have confirmed capacities of 50 percent. Budapest aims to host 100 percent, while Amsterdam, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Rome and Seville will be hosting 25 percent – 45 percent of the stadium capacity. Munich to host 14 percent and London to hold 25 percent for the first three group matches and round of 16 match – with potentially 50 percent or higher coming into play for the semi-finals and final.

Where to watch Euro 2020 matches in USA?

There are multiple ways to watch the live streaming of these games. The ways are as follows:

TV channels: ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 (all 51 matches)

Spanish-language TV: Univision, TUDN (11 of 51 matches)

Online Streaming: fuboTV (all 51 matches), ESPN app / ABC app, PrendeTV /

Where to watch Euro 2020 matches Free Streams?

Live Streaming Online Free: LMI Sports ( World Wide)


* No Reddit Soccer Streaming available.

Have a happy streaming. Watch the Euro 2020 soccer at your home, stay home, stay safe.


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