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The 10 Most Handsome And Hottest NFL Players in 2021

Hottest NFL Players

NFL players train hard to give their best in the field. Their intense workout gives them strength like a buffalo and well-built strong bodies that make girls fall for these studs. While the male fans cheer a player for his playing skills, female fans mostly fall for their breathtaking physiques. The good thing is many of the NFL players are blessed with good looks that girls can’t take their eyes off.

Over the last 100 years, more than 26,000 players have played in the NFL and are still counting. Sorting out the 10 hottest NFL players from this long list of players can be an uphill battle. But we did that tough task through extensive research and brought out the following list.

#10. Brett Favre

Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre played 20 seasons in the NFL, and during that time, he stacked up many records. From 1992 to 2010, Favre had started 321 consecutive games, which made him the most starters in the league’s history. Besides his outstanding records, Brett attracted many female fans due to his height and athletic build.

Favre stands 6 feet 2 inches (1.88m) tall and weighs 222 lb (101 kg), which made him perfect to call the hottest. Besides, a pair of hazel blue coloured eyes with grey hair made him attractive too. Brett Favre is now 51 years old, and still, he looks handsome.

#9. Jeremy Bloom

With his athletic body, Jeremy Bloom was selected as one of the Sexiest Men in Sports by Sports Illustrated in 2006. He competed with Tom Brady, Andy Roddick, and David Beckham to take part in the Sports Illustrated competition. Although Bloom does not have an exceptional height, he is 5 feet 9 inches. With this average height and 180 lb, Jeremy has a breathtaking physique. Further, the combination of brown eye and black colour makes no confusion about his allure.

Bloom also used his well-built body on the field. He is the only athlete in history to participate in Winter Olympic skiing and also drafted in the NFL. He won six consecutive World Cup events in skiing while he played only three NFL seasons from 2006-2008. Later he turned to a businessman.

#8. Jesse Palmer

Jesse Palmer is not only considered the hottest NFL player but he is also one of the handsome television personalities. Through his killer body and sex appeal, Jesse appeared in the fifth season of the Bachelor TV Program. Before turning to a television personality, he played NFL in the early 2000s with New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers. Though he was not much focused on football, Palmer completed 562 passing yards with 120 pass attempts throughout his NFL career.

Jesse is 6 feet 2 inches high and weighs about 219 lb (99 kg). Besides, the pair of blue eyes and brown hair increased his sex appeal, which helped him grow as a model, TV analyst, commentator, and host on different television channels.

#7. Tom Brady

At the age of 43, former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is still one of the NFL hunks, a phenomenal champion in the field and his physiques. He follows a unique fitness program, “The TB12 Method,” to maintain his attractive body and stamina.

With his 6 feet 4-inch height and estimated 225 lb (102 Kg) weight, Brady has been maintaining lean physiques since the start of his career in 2001. However, his body was awkwardly lanky when he first drafted in the NFL. Over the years, Brady has built his athletic body by consuming locally grown organic foods and avoiding artificial sweeteners.

Aside from his lead body, Tom Brady has light brown hair and blue eyes, which made celebrities like Britney Spears, Tara Reid, Bridget Moynahan, and Ivanka Trump fall for him.

#6. Danny Amendola

35-year-old Danny Amendola has a splendid body. Besides his half- Italian, half- Irish appearance increases his appeal towards the girls. Nevertheless, he became a model for the Ford agency due to his attractive figure as well as his performance in the field, which boosted his sexiness as he is wrapped with talent.

Danny stands 5 feet 11 inches and weighs 185 lb (84Kg). Considering his height/weight proportion, Danny’s body resembles a perfect body a man dreams of. To maintain his athletic body, Danny Amendola does yoga as a part of therapeutic counterbalance.

#5. Julian Edelman

Three times Super Bowl Champion Julian Edelman is known for his speed and athletic build with the monstrous leg. After playing for 11 years in the NFL, at the age of 34, he still follows a strict workout routine and healthy diet habits. Edelman goes with an 80/20 eating plan to keep his body attractive. At 5 feet 10 inch height (1.78M) and 198 lb (90 kg), Julian maintains a gym body structure. Furthermore, the blue eye and brown hair bring elegant looks.

Edelman certainly hasn’t been shy about showing his naked body to the fans as he features in ESPN’s ‘Body Issue 2017‘ magazine. Furthermore, his slicked-back undercut hairstyle is more than enough for any girl to fall for him.

#4. Clay Matthews

Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews is known for his brilliant football skill as well as the masculine and athletic body. He stands 6 feet 3 inches and weighs 255 lb, so it is normal that Mathews needs to care extra to maintain his giant body. Clay Matthews’ strict diet routine, alongside the extensive workout, keeps him in perfect shape and eventually makes him appealing to all ages women. Besides, the unique grey eye with dark brown hair is another factor in making him one of the hottest NFL players.

In the gym, Clay hits the weight room frequently to get stronger and bigger. Further, he trains six days a week, including yoga, track and fieldwork, boxing, and pilates. Altogether, this gym routine has been helping him perform better in the field and out of the field.

#3. Eric Decker

Eric Decker is one of those athletes whose manliness is poured by his thick and bushy eyebrows. Besides, his light brown eyes and dark hair symbolise the attraction for his wife, apparently for many girls. Moreover, at 6 feet 3 in height and 214 lb (97 kg) weight Decker has a lean body.

Furthermore, Decker’s clear face and juicy lips are the hotspots of all the attraction. The NFL star has retired now, and eventually, he looks sexier after retirement. Furthermore, his wife Jessie James Decker loves her husband’s retired body as she posted a nude photo of her husband on Instagram.

#2. Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo is arguably one of the most recognizable faces in the NFL and has become an athletic icon of the young generation. Of the field, he has been using his hottest physiques perfectly as he dated some hottest divas. Grappolo’s height is 6 feet 2-inch height, and he weighs 225 lb (102 Kg).

His tightly cut dark hair, perfectly trimmed facial growth, and killing smile looks like every woman’s dream man. Besides, his dark brown sparkling eyes and square-shaped chin can make any fellow players jealous of him because of his good looks.

#1. Howie Long

The young generation may know Howie Long as a sports analyst. But he was truly a sensation during his days in the NFL in the 1980s. With his innocent-looking face and athletic body, Howie appeared in several movies in the 1990s. Besides, his gigantic 6 feet 5-inch height (1.96m) and 265 lb (120 kg) weight kept him ahead when it comes to listing the handsome NFL players.

As per his performance and physical appearance Howie Long passed his best days in the mid-1980s, which made Sports Illustrated feature him in the July 1985 issue. At the age of 61, Howie is now working behind the desk as an analyst for Fox Sports, and surprisingly, he does not even look 61.


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