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Hornets’ LaMelo Ball is galloping towards the rookie of the year award

19-year-old LaMelo Ball is the youngest of the Ball family. However, the performances he has been giving in his first season makes him look like he has been playing at the professional level for years.

Lonzo Ball plays for the New Orleans Pelicans, LiAngelo is currently out of a franchise. Meanwhile, LaMelo ball is racking up unbelievable numbers against any opposition he is up against.

Even Lakers legend Magic Johnson is all praises for the youngster. He tweeted that according to him LaMelo Ball is the “leading candidate” for the rookie of the year award. Ball received this praise when he scored 24 points and 10 assists against the Houston Rockets in a 119-94 victory.

LaMelo Ball’s amazing performances:

Ball has been putting up match-winning performances game after game. In 32 minutes of game time against the Houston Rockets, LaMelo Ball racked up seven 3-pointers. No other rookie has been able to achieve those numbers other than Stephen Curry.

LaMelo Bal

LaMelo Ball became the youngest player to score a triple-double in the NBA

Even after putting on such a stellar show, Ball was not satisfied with himself and revealed that he did not get any time to warm up before the game. He said, “I didn’t get no extra shots (before the game). They said my test was messed up or something, but it was a whole lot. I missed actually a bunch, but then I ended up getting in and stepping onto the court with no warmups, no nothing.”

Apart from this, LaMelo Ball also performed well against the Dallas Mavericks this season. Scoring 22 points and 5 assists in just 29 minutes off the bench.

His rookie of the year prospects:

Many rookies are up for this award but LaMelo Ball has been proving his mettle in the NBA right from his first game. The Charlotte Hornets’ point guard has impressed everyone from legends to veterans and is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

LaMelo Ball has improved the Hornets’ ability to win. He also became the youngest player in the history of the NBA to score a triple-double against the Atlanta Hawks in January. He has averaged 12.4 points per game this season.

According to the official KIA Rookie Ladder, LaMelo ball is on top of the rookie of the year list. This is because he is leading the entire crop of rookies in total points, rebounds, assists, and triple-doubles. Provided he can keep this form up for the rest of the season, LaMelo is inching ever closer to the rookie of the year title.

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