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Honda Technology Becomes Red Bull in April Confirms the Rightful Boss Christian Horner

Christian Horner claims to take over the Honda Technology in April.

Red Bull Racing showcased an excellent performance throughout the pre-season testing at the Bahrain circuit and are set to continue its excellence in the 2021 season. But the team and Christian Horner are also busy with another major program, establishing their own power unit for next season.

The Austrian team has used Honda power-units since 2019, which will come to an end with the conclusion of the 2021 season. Therefore, the Milton Keynes-based team will take over the Japanese technology and use them under their new own brand name. Team Principal Christian Horner mentioned the Red Bull Powertrains Ltd will be their first step towards the power unit sector and the work will begin by April 2021.

Red Bull's new car RB16B for the 2021 Formula One is the last collaboration with Honda.

Red Bull’s new car RB16B for the 2021 Formula One is the last collaboration with Honda.

Horner mentioned on Red Bull’s official site, By becoming a power unit manufacturer, initially with Honda technology, Red Bull will be bringing that operation to our campus, so it will be fully integrated into the site and the building work starts in April.

Christian Horner on the future of Red Bull in the power unit sector

Red Bull boss Horner mentioned always wanting to manufacture their own power units, thus this move with the Honda tech is just a beginning. Moreover, the team will have no trouble continuing with the Japanese engines without any further developments because of an early engine freeze since 2022. Horner further mentioned the engine development is the biggest project since the foundation of the team.

Christian Horner declared the formation of Red Bull Powertrains Ltd in April.

Christian Horner declared the formation of Red Bull Powertrains Ltd in April.

“It is bold and brave and probably the biggest commitment Red Bull have made to F1 since the Team started in 2004,” said Horner.

Max Verstappen was the best in the pre-season testing at Bahrain, finishing first in the overall timesheet of the test. The Milton Keynes-based team’s new RB16B is the last collaboration with Honda and has the potential to win the Championship this year, stopping the seven-times winning streak of Mercedes.

Max Verstappen perfo1rmed outstanding in the 2021 Bahrain pre-season teat.

Max Verstappen performed outstanding in the 2021 Bahrain pre-season teat. (Photo by MAZEN MAHDI/AFP via Getty Images)

The 23-year-old further added the new ride has a responsive front with a stable rear and the new Honda engine is also reliable. Therefore, the Dutch might continue his excellent performance in the upcoming season.

The new Honda-powered RB16B will be again seen on the grid on Sunday, March 28, at the Bahrain circuit for the first Grand Prix of the 2021 season.

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