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Ranking the 10 Highest Paid NFL Coaches as of 2021

highest paid NFL coaches

When we look at the news about the NFL contracts and values, they tend to focus on the highest-paid NFL players. But a lot goes behind the screen who are making those top players. Coaches don’t get focus unless they become successful, and most of them stay unnoticed. So, how well you know about the highest-paid NFL coaches? Or even the stats of those brilliant minds? Maybe a little or maybe know nothing.

When we think about the money in the NFL, we only know the players’ salaries as they are publicly announced. Sometimes we see the teams’ earnings and expenditure as a whole! However, NFL coaches’ salaries remain elusive, while a huge number of fans want to know the salaries of the coaches too.

On that note, a handful of the coach’s wages are public, and finding out the top paid NFL coachesare tricky. We have collected data from authentic sources and media to list the NFL coaches’ salaries, which we have presented below.

10 Highest paid NFL coaches

Here is our list, 3 of the coaches Andy Reid, Dan Quinn, Mike Tomlin, tied at number 8 position by earning $8 million; however, we have added 7 more top coaches for the number 1 to 7 position.

#10. Andy ReidAndy Reid's salary

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Yearly Salary: $8 million

Net Worth: $25 million (approximately)

Reid has started his NFL coaching career a long time ago but became a head coach in 1999 with Philadelphia Eagles, where he stayed till 2012. After that, he started with Chiefs in 2013 and serving with a record amount of wage. Right now, Andy Reid’s salary is $8 Million with an approximate net worth of $25 million.

When Reid signed up with the Chiefs, his deal was $37,500,000 for five years with an average salary of $7.5 million per year. Although the new contract from 2017-2022 was undisclosed, Forbes revealed the yearly salary last year.

Reid is successful as a coach. He won two Superbowl titles, one is XXXI, and the other one is LIV. However, he was assistant coach while won Super Bowl XXXI with Green Bay Packers and won Super Bowl LIV with Chiefs in 2019. Besides, during Reid’s coaching, Kansas City Chiefs reached the NFL playoffs five times out of the last 6 years.

Head Coaching Record of Andy Reid

Regular season: 217–129–1 (.627)

Postseason: 15–14 (.517)

Career: 232–143–1 (.618)

#9. Dan QuinnDan Quinn's salary

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Yearly Salary: $8 million

Net Worth: Not published

Quinn’s stepped into the NFL as defensive quality control in 2001 with the 49ers. Further, throughout the years, he has worked with several teams and joined to Falcons in 2015. From 2015 to 2019, Quinn won 53.8% of the games, along with a Super Bowl appearance in 2016 and two playoff appearances.

In 2018, his contract got renewed until 2022 alongside the general manager Thomas Dimitroff. As per the new contract, Dan Quinn’s salary is $8 million per year.

While Quinn worked with Seattle Seahawks as defensive coordinator, he won the first Superbowl in 2014. Apart from this, he achieved the Salute to Service Award in 2016. 

Head coaching record of Dan Quinn

Regular season: 43–42 (.506)

Postseason: 3–2 (.600)

Career: 46–44 (.511)

#8. Mike TomlinMike Tomlin's salary

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Yearly Salary: $8 million

Net Worth: $5 million (approximately)

Tomlin started his head coaching career with Steelers in 2007 and has been lifting Steelers for the last 13 years. Steelers kept renewing his contracts as he led the team to win the Super Bowl in 2008 and appeared one more time in few years after that title. Besides, out of his 13 years with Pittsburgh, 8 playoff appearance kept him ahead of the other coaches. All these achievements made him 24th in the NFL head coach power ranking list.

Mike Tomlin’s salary has increased over the years, and the initial contract was $2.5 million a year from 2007-2010, which has increased to $8 million in the most recent contract that will last till 2021.

Head coaching record of Mike Tomlin

Regular season: 143–74–1 (.658)

Postseason: 8–7 (.533)

Career: 151–81–1 (.650)

#7. Sean McVay

Sean McVay' Salary

Head coach Sean McVay of the Los Angeles Rams calls a play during a team scrimmage at SoFi Stadium on August 29, 2020 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

Team: Los Angeles Rams

Yearly Salary: $8.5 million

Net Worth: $3 million (approximately)

McVay is the youngest NFL head coach, who started his coaching career at the age of 22 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He joined Rams as a head coach in 2017 and appeared in the Super Bowl in the next year. Besides, he also led the team to the NFC Championship.

However, according to Celebrity Net Worth, McVay signed a 5-year contract for $2 million per year, but right now, Sean McVay’s salary raised up to $8.5 million each year due to his dedication and performance.

Head coaching record of Sean McVay

Regular season: 40–18 (.690)

Postseason: 2–2 (.500)

Career: 42–20 (.677)

#6. Matt RhuleMatt Rhule's salary


Team: Carolina Panthers

Yearly Salary: $8.86 million

Net Worth: $20 million (approximately)

Although Matt Rhule has joined with Panthers as head coach in 2020. However, he debuted his coaching career in 2012 with New York Giants. Matt Rhule’s salary is $62 million in total for the next 7 years. However, Rhule doesn’t have any major championship title in his bucket, but he won several awards such as Big 12 Coach of the Year and AAC Champion

Head coaching record of Matt Rhule

Regular season: 4–8 (.333)

Career: NFL: 4–8 (.333)

NCAA: 47–43 (.522)

Bowls: 1–2 (.333)

#5. John HarbaughJohn Harbaugh's salary


Team: Baltimore Ravens

Yearly Salary: $9 million

Net Worth: $16 million (approximately)

Baltimore Ravens hired him in 2008 as a head coach; afterwards, he took the Ravens to the Super Bowl title of 2012. Besides, in the last 12 years, Harbaugh reached the playoffs 8 times, which is the main reason to get his contract renewed.

Four AFC North title along with the three AFC appearance is a plus for his career with the Ravens. Harbaugh is successful as Ravens coach and bagged 134 wins since his start in 2008, which is the most wins by a coach for Ravens.

However, John Harbaugh’s salary was $2.2 million per year, which has increased to $9 million per year on the recent deal. It will last till 2023 and this make him one of the highest-paid NFL coaches. Our prediction is, it will get renewed too.

Head coaching record of John Harbaugh

Regular season: 124–77 (.617)

Postseason: 10–7 (.588)

Career: 134–84 (.615)

#4. Sean PaytonSean Payton's salary


Team: New Orleans Saints

Yearly Salary: $9.8 million

Sean Payton’s Net Worth: $24 million (approximately)

Saints earned the most success with Sean Payton as he led them to a Super Bowl title and an appearance. Before starting the coaching career, Payton was a player first. He played for several teams for a few years. However, Payton served as New Orleans Saints head coach from 2006-2011 and then again in 2013-2019.

As per the most recent contract, Sean Payton’s salary is $9.8 million, and the contract will last till 2023. This contract extension may lead him to more long-term contracts as the Saints got the most success with Payton, and fans are looking forward to another Super Bowl.

Head coaching record of Sean Payton

Regular season: 141–79 (.641)

Postseason: 8–7 (.533)

Career: 149–86 (.634)

#3. Jon GrudenJon Gruden's salary


Team: Oakland/ Las Vegas Raiders

Yearly Salary: $10 million

Jon Gruden’s Net Worth: $30 million (approximately)

Gruden won his first Super Bowl in 2003, and he was the then youngest head coach at 39 to with the title. However, his coaching career started with the University of Tennessee in the 1985-1986 season, joined the 49ers after four years, and that was his start in the NFL. Over the years, Gruden has coached many NFL teams. Raiders has become his home since 2018, before that he worked with them during 1998-2001.

Gruden had worked with ESPN as an analyst before returning as head coach with Raiders. Jon Gruden’s salary was offered $10 million/year for 10 years deal, and he happily accepted it. This became the longest coaching deal in NFL history and makes him the third highest-paid NFL coach

Head coaching record of Jon Gruden

Regular season: 112–105 (.516)

Postseason: 5–4 (.556)

Career: 117–109 (.518)

#2. Pete CarrollHighest paid NFL Coach Pete Carroll

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Yearly Salary: $11 million

Pete Carroll’s Net Worth: $30 million (approximately)

69 years old Pete Carroll’s coaching career is loaded with achievements, including Super Bowl, Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, and more. All these achievements made him one of the highest-paid coaches in the NFL. However, he did not have a good start at the beginning of his NFL coaching career and led him to shift to college football. After having great success in college, Carroll returned to NFL in 2010 with Seahawks for $3.5 million each year.

Since then, he has been with the Seahawks and had great success, which led them to renew the contract two more times. As per the most recent contract, Pete Carroll’s salary rose to $11 million, and his contract will end in 2025.

Head coaching record of Pete Carroll

Regular season: 141–93–1 (.602)

Postseason: 11–9 (.550)

Career: NCAA: 83–19 (.814)

NFL: 152–102–1 (.598)

#1. Bill Belichickhow much does Bill Belichick makes?


Team: New England Patriots

Yearly Salary: $12 million

Bill Belichick’s Net Worth: $36 million (approximately)

Bill Belichick, the highest paid NFL coach in 2020, has several coaching records such as Most Super Bowl wins (6) and Most Super Bowl appearances (9). Patriots hired him in 2000 and still continuing. And why would not the Patriots keep renewing him, as he is providing a steady performance. So, you may wonder how much does Bill Belichick makes?

Although his initial contract with the patriots was $2 million per year for five years, over the years, it increases, and the latest deal worth $12 million in salaries per year. So, if you were looking for the answer to, who is the highest-paid NFL coach? Your answer is here, Bill Belichick.

Head coaching record of Bill Belichick

Regular season: 277–132 (.677)

Postseason: 31–12 (.721)

Career: 308–144 (.681)

The 10 coaches presented here are the highest paid NFL coaches in 2021; however, the list and the names may change whenever any new contracts sign up. We will update the list as soon as we get any notification of changes.

So far, you know the NFL head coaches’ salaries, who are earning most, and you may wonder who earns the least. Let’s know a brief about the lowest-paid coaches.

Who is the lowest paid NFL coach?

NFL’ coaches’ salaries change over the years, and a few decades ago, the payment was not as high as today. However, some coaches still earn less than the top head coaches. Sometimes it is 1/3 of the top paying coaches. Currently, Atlanta Falcons’ Dan Quinn, the lowest paid NFL coach, earns $4.5 million a year.

The average salary of an average NFL coach

The average salary of an average NFL coach was unsure over the years, as there were not adequate public data available; however, according to Forbes, the average NFL coach’s salary is around $6 million a year.

How much do assistant NFL coaches make?

Assistant NFL coaches make an average of $400,000 each season, which is really low comparing to the NFL head coach’s salary.


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