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Hey Dana “I’d stop both of these dude in no less than 2” Henry Cejudo disses Aljamain Sterling and Petr Yan after UFC 259

Henry Cejudo teases Yan and Sterling

The American retired professional mixed martial artist has made an outrageous statement on Twitter. The 34-year-old is a former Ultimate Fighting Championship Flyweight Champion. Henry Carlos Cejudo is also known as a former Bantamweight Champion.

The Gold Medalist in Wrestling at the 2008 Summer Olympics – Men’s Freestyle Bantamweight taunted Sterling and Yan on Twitter. Also, it is not the first time the 61kg retired American has taunted another fighter.

Cejudo teases Sterling and Yan and bets to knock out both

Henry Cejudo taunted Sterling and Yan on Twitter, also, the fighter bets to knock out both, Sterling and Yan in no less than two rounds.

Twitter Brawl

Henry Cejudo teases on sterling-Yan drama and bets to knock out both in no less than two rounds. Cejudo, early on March 9, 2021, took the matter to Twitter and talked about the fight between Sterling and Yan. Cejudo found it crazy to fight over just a silver medal.

Triple C believes he is at the top of another level. Also, Triple C did not just stop here but made a statement tagging UFC President, Dana White. The fighter claims to knock out both the fighters in no less than two rounds. Furthermore, the fighter uploaded a picture where Petr Yan apologizes to Aljamain Sterling after blowing an illegal move.

It was not the first time where Triple C has poked another wrestler. The American earlier today also updated another tweet where he poked DJ, TJ, and Dominick Cruz.

Also, tagging Dana White to the post and claiming to knock out both the fighters in no less than two rounds, the fighter has supported his statement of hinting to return anytime soon. The fighter has already hinted to return, and another bet to beat down both the fighters may be taken as a clear signal. However, fans still wait for the official confirmation.

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