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Healthy recipes and menus in the style of Cristiano Ronaldo, Sixpack is no longer a dream

Healthy recipes and menus in the style of Cristiano Ronaldo, Sixpack is no longer a dream

Cristiano Ronaldo posing while on summer vacation. © Instagram / Cristiano


Cristiano Ronaldo has been known as a professional footballer who always pays attention to his physical health. Such a healthy lifestyle has become a hallmark of the Juventus superstar.

The strict diet adopted by Ronaldo not only makes him good at cultivating the round skin, but also has a dream body for the eyes of his fans, both men and women. Not even a few fans are motivated and desire to have a muscular body and six-pack like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s body is indeed much different than when he was close to Manchester United in 2003. At that time, the player with the back number 7 was leaner.

Over time, the Portugal national team striker continued to pursue physical training in order to make his muscles more muscular and shaped. Cristiano Ronaldo not only trained with the team, but off the pitch he also continued to exercise, including the gym.

But Ronaldo’s hard work is not solely due to diligent exercise, but he also has to balance with his daily food intake.

So, how about a Cristiano Ronaldo-style diet? The following is complete information, as reported by the Cheat Sheet , Monday (10/07/2019).


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Breakfast menu

If you want to have a body like Cristiano Ronaldo, you need to do physical exercise or work out at least in the gym. After that, you also need to apply the Juventus star style diet menu.

Cristiano Ronaldo is reluctant to eat heavy food at breakfast. The former Real Madrid player only chooses between fresh fruit juice, ham and cheese, eggs, avocado toast, whole-grain cereals or whole grains, and occasionally drinks coffee if he wants.

Lunch and Dinner Menu


Cristiano Ronaldo again does not want to choose heavy food. He only needs to eat vegetables, baked potatoes, whole wheat pasta, and chicken flavored salads. If bored, CR7 chooses his favorite menus such as scrambled eggs, Bacalhau a Braz with sliced ​​onions.

As for snacks, Ronaldo can eat tuna rolls, and fresh juice. But CR7 claimed to occasionally eat pizza to meet the desires of his children.


Cristiano Ronaldo can eat rice at night, but the portions are small. He can combine rice and beans with chicken, but still choose fruits as a dessert.

Source: Cheat Sheet


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