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“He deserves all the credit” Guardiola merits only Phil Foden for Man City performance


Pep Guardiola found delight in the performance of Manchester City over Wolves on March 3rd, 2021. Subsequently, he pointed out Phil Foden for the remarkable skills he exhibited in the game.

In an interview on March 7th, 2021, he said, “Credit goes to him for playing the way he does. He is a great talent and has used his skills to help us reach the summit.”

He further stated that “Foden is a great player to coach because he lives for the game. There are no inhibitions for him about anything. There is no better quality for a player.”

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Foden is a remarkable player says, Pep Guardiola

The Spaniard has never believed in one player’s attributes more than others. He believes that the team has led him to a twenty-one-game win streak.

Pep Guardiola used Foden for the first time in a pre-season game against Manchester United on July 22nd, 2017. The game ended with Manchester United winning by a two-nil margin. Though the game was disappointing for Guardiola to witness, Phil Foden dazzled the Spanish strategist with his skills and made his day bright. Phil made his debut memorable enough to warrant himself the first-team start against Real Madrid.

Once again the young Englishman proved to be a force to reckon with as The Citizens beat Los Blancos by a four to one margin.

Following his performance in the pre-season, Pep Guardiola gave him his first-team debut against Tottenham in the Premier League on December 16th, 2017.  Ever since then, he has scored seventeen goals in sixty-one starts in the Premier League.


Pep says he could not understand why City was performing terribly

Guardiola believes in the quality of his squad and the hunger they possess.

Guardiola was shocked at the position City was in at the beginning of the current Premier League season. They had lost back-to-back games and found themselves outside the top four.

In an interview on March 7th, Pep revealed, “I could not recognize my team anymore. It was not about the losses. In my time in Germany and Spain, I have lost games. I sat my team down and told them that they should look within themselves and find what they have lost and regain that, then we will be able to challenge again.”

The wise words of Pep found their way into the hearts of each Manchester City player and they fought hard to win in all the games that they faced next. Pep Guardiola has led his men to consecutive EPL titles and now their focus has shifted to the Champions League and it is well within their grasp to achieve.


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