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Hamilton: Ferrari has a jet mode

Hamilton: Ferrari has a jet mode

Lewis Hamilton recognizes Ferrari’s speed in Russian GP qualifications


Lewis Hamilton recognizes Ferrari’s speed in F1 Russian GP qualification. According to the Mercedes racer, Ferrari is on a different level.

Hamilton finished second in the Russian GP qualifiers. He was 0.4 seconds slower than the Ferrari driver, Charles Leclerc, who won the pole in the qualifying session at the Sochi Autodrom Circuit, Saturday (09/28/2019).

That became the fourth pole in a row for Leclerc. Ferrari itself is in slick momentum after winning the last three races.

Regarding Ferrari’s speed, Hamilton assessed that the Prancing Horse Team had a jet mode that benefited them in a straight line. According to him, it was better than the ‘party mode’, the nickname that was given to the Mercedes engine in qualification.


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“It was a tough qualifying session because they (Ferrari) had crazy speed on a straight track,” Hamilton said as reported by Sky Sports.

“They are on different levels. The party mode that you are talking about us, they have something else on it … jet mode.”

Hamilton ‘disturbing’ the dominance of Ferrari by finishing second in the Russian GP qualifiers ahead of Sebastian Vettel. Given the difficulties he faced in the free practice session, Hamilton was quite satisfied with the qualification results.

“I gave everything at the end and the team did a good job of making improvements and speeding up,” Hamilton said.

“I’m glad it worked. I didn’t think I could get the front row, that’s for sure. I’m really happy,” he said.


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