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Guillaume Rocquelin claims Time sheets are “No Real Conclusions”

Red Bull racing Engineering head Guillaume Rocquelin feels unaffected from the time sheets during the testing sessions

Team Red Bull seems quite happy with the results of the first two testing days. Despite an unusual car failure, their drivers have tackled through most of the laps without any serious challenges. Chief engineer, Guillaume Rocquelin looks satisfied with the overall outcome of the testing sessions in Bahrain.

Sergio did a full race simulation today, including pit stops. That was very useful for him as he finds his place in the team and gets to know our procedures.“, Guillaume Rocquelin said.

We had some small problems, but nothing serious. It didn’t affect our program, so these are things you want to encounter just during testing. Other than that, it was another good day.”, He stated.

Guillaume Rocquelin further stated that the team is not focusing currently on achieving the faster lap times.

We weren’t concerned with fast lap times and only drove a hard compound, so we can’t draw any real conclusions from the timesheets. All in all, we had two good days, and hopefully, we can finish the test tomorrow with another productive day,” said Rocquelin.

The first two days of testing went a bit eventful for team Red bull. Still, both the drivers seemed happy and relieved with the results achieved on a ‘tricky’ track.

Max Verstappen topped the time charts during the initial phases of the testing at Bahrain on Friday. Besides, he came out as the driver with most laps completed during the testing day. It was Sergio Perez who then took charge on the second day of testing at Bahrain. Despite clocking up over 100 laps, the Mexican triggered a red flag due to a bizarre car failure.

Perez feels satisfied with the testing day despite witnessing care failure.

Perez came too close to Nicholas Latifi of Williams and then pulled over to go past the main straight using DRS. This resulted in bringing some considerable damage to the Red Bull car’s engine cover. The race came to a halt as the car’s debris needs to be cleared off from the track.

Luckily, Perez didn’t lose any track time due to the red flag. According to him, the conditions are pretty tricky on the track, and some good work and development need to be done before the race day.

I couldn’t feel when that happened, just the car felt a bit more difficult but other than that, I think the team is sorting it out,” Perez said. “We didn’t lose much track time actually, it was the same for everyone as there was a red flag. Given that we lost some track time earlier in the morning, I think overall it has been a good day. Conditions are very tricky out there, very different to yesterday, so yeah plenty of work and developing to do there on“.

Perez further admitted that he’s still adapting to the driving style at Red Bull. That said, he is feeling pretty satisfied, and happy after having a taste of the new RB16B.

Well it’s always when you are so track-limited you know, this is my final [full] day, tomorrow I have the morning. It’s not ideal missing any track time, but I think we’ve done alright and hopefully tomorrow we can do even more., he said.

I’m getting used to [the balance], obviously I can see the potential in the car, and just looking forward to it.”

The first Grand Prix of the 2021 season is all set to commence on March 28th. So, regardless of Guillaume Rocqueli’s opinion about the testing sessions, team Red bull and its engineers have some ‘tough job’ in hand post the testing day’s fiasco.

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