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Grosjean wasn’t sure his track would be “Snowy” in his first lap of IndyCar

Romain Grosjean will drive for Dane Coyle Racing in IndyCar 2021.

Romain Grosjean moved to IndyCar after his dreadful accident in the Bahrain Grand Prix in the 2020 season after his nine-year run in the realm of Formula 1. Over the course of his pursuit in F1, he achieved 10 podiums. However, he is decorating his profile by adding another genre of racing in it.

Why Romain Grosjean moved to IndyCar?

During the Bahrain GP 2020, his car split in half and caught a horrible fire. He mentioned it was a near-death experience for him.

He was trapped in the car and engulfed by smoke. However, he did not stop trying to save himself and get out of the wrecked fire shack. Finally, with the help of the track marshals and the FIA medical team, he escaped the scene of the accident and checked in at the hospital.

Romain Grosjean's horrible accident in Formula 1 in 2020.

Romain Grosjean’s horrible accident in Formula 1 in 2020.

His hands suffered a burn injury from the accident. Hence, he could not compete at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. It was supposed to be his last race, as his contract would have expired with Haas F1 team. However, Haas refused to extend the contract with the driver.

The expired contract and recovery from the injuries drove him to quit Formula 1. Nevertheless, two months after his injury, he declared his return to racing with IndyCar.

What is Romain Grosjean’s contract with Dale Coyne?

The 34-year-old driver signed a contract with the Dale Coyne Racing team for IndyCar 2021. According to his contract, he will only drive in 13 street and road courses. Subsequently, he will exclude the oval races, which can be more dangerous than Formula 1 races.

Romain Grosjean driving for Dale Coyne Racing in IndyCar 2021 series.

Romain Grosjean driving for Dale Coyne Racing in IndyCar 2021 series.

Grosjean said, “I got in contact with Dale Coyne before the Bahrain incident – I think the week before Imola or a couple of weeks before Imola – and we get on very nicely.

  “He made me an offer and I was going to do the full championships, but then obviously Bahrain happened and for a moment I thought I was dead in Bahrain.”

He is worried about his family. Hence, he is being careful with his decisions.

He said, “Being a father of three kids, I need to be sensible in my decisions, in my choices in the future, and at the minute I don’t feel comfortable. Not especially for me but more for my kids and my wife, to risk ovals, at least the speedways.

“There may be options that I could look at Gateway — the short track — but the superspeedways I really don’t feel like I can risk that for my kids and my wife. Therefore I think to learn the championship already there are some good races.”

What is Grosjean’s experience with IndyCar?

Grosjean mentioned he went through videos on IndyCar. He said, “I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube over the winter, and it has been very interesting to see how the championship works and the difference with Formula One.”

Grosjean tested an IndyCar for Dale Coyne in Barber. He tweeted about his first lap on an IndyCar track. It was surprising for the Frenchman because he got a snowy track on the first lap.

It is difficult to drive on snowy tracks because it causes a low-grip for the cars, which makes it harder for the drivers to control.

What can we expect from Romain Grosjean in IndyCar?

The 34-year-old driver is an experienced and skillful driver, so we can expect a brilliant performance from him in IndyCar 2021. But because of the Bahrain accident, there are chances he might hold back a little. The IndyCar 2021 will begin on 18 April and held in Barber Motorsports Park.

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