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Ranking the Top 10 Greatest Tennis Servers of All Time

Greatest Tennis Servers

A match of tennis depends on many kinds of shots, but the most important of them is the serves. Without a doubt, it would be hard for players to make it into the top league without strong serves.

There are many players in the world of tennis, but everyone doesn’t have serves which are worth remembering. However, players with strong serves are a great threat to their opposition. Even elite players like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic mentioned it’s hard to play against strong servers.

Therefore, in this article we will witness the “Top 10 Greatest Tennis Servers Of All Time,” who dominated the tennis court only based on their noticeable serves.

#10. Naomi Osaka

So we are starting this list with a very well-known name, Naomi Osaka. The young Japanese player is already a globally recognized athlete and made a name for herself because of the playing style, specially the serves.

Naomi Osaka, Greatest Tennis Servers Of All Time

Naomi Osaka (Source: Getty Images)

Osaka is an aggressive baseline player, who is blessed with supreme raw power. Therefore, she could hit serves at 100mph to 124mph, making her one of the fastest female servers in the history of tennis.

The World No.2 Naomi has even reached the top spot in tennis and won four Grand Slam titles, and all thanks to her talent and specially her serves.

#9. Ashleigh Barty

The current World Number One Ashleigh Barty is one of the best tennis players of present times and is widely known for her serves.

Ashleigh Barty, Greatest Tennis Servers Of All Time

Ashleigh Barty (Source: Getty Images)

The Australian is famous for her versatility in playing on all kinds of courts. Further, she has also made a name for herself as a phenomenal server. Barty might not have a big stature, but she hits powerful serves. Therefore, resulting her appearance on the list of most aces and most percentage of service ace points.

Barty has won 22 titles till now, including one Grand Slam singles title and also another Grand Slam singles title. Without a doubt, she will grow even further in the sport.

#8. Roger Federer

Who hasn’t heard the name of Roger Federer? The man who is even referred as King Federer, who has dominated the sport over two decades.

The Swiss maestro is a baseline player but also can also play as an exceptional volleyer. He is popular for his fluid playing style and ability to adapt to any kind of court. However, he has also made a name for himself for his excellent servers. Many young players even copy his serves and playing style.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer (Source: Getty Images)

Federer has a record 21 Grand Slam titles, which he shared with his Spaniard rival Rafael Nadal and still not a single player could top his record. He has been ATP Number One for record 237 consecutive weeks.

#7. Karolína Plíšková

Karolína Plíšková is a Czech professional who has bagged 16 titles and five double titles in her career. Apart from her achievements, she is also known for her serves and forehands.

Plískov is known for her aggressive playing style, which forces her opponents to make errors or get points straight away. Her serves are extremely fast, with an average speed of 109mph to 118 mph, and adding pace and precision to these fast serves make her a great threat to face on a court. She usually has a high percentage of aces.

In 2016, the World No.10 the served the record 530 number of aces in a single a calender year. Her serves and playing style makes her suitable for all kinds of courts, but most suits with grass courts.

#6. Andy Roddick

At sixth place on this list, we got the retired American maestro, Andy Roddick, who was specially known is the sport for his serve and volley playing style.

Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick (Source: Getty Images)

The former World No.1 used to hit fast serves at an average speed of 130 mph to 150 mph. Roddick even served a 155 mph shot, which was the then fastest shot in the history of tennis. His serves were unreturnable and his most first serves were aces and it doesn’t mean if his first serves are good then second serves will be mediocre. Instead, Andy’s second serves were as strong and fast as his first serve.

Further, the American gathered 23 singles titles throughout her career, including one Grand Slam title in 2003.

#5. Goran Ivanišević

The former Croatian maestro might not be a maestro in different kinds of shorts and techniques. However, his serves were enough to dominate the tennis court.

Goran Ivanišević’s first serves were the most feared shorts during his era, and most of them were unreturnable. Not only his first serves were a threat, even his second serves were as powerful as his first ones.

Goran Ivanišević, Greatest Tennis Servers Of All Time

Goran Ivanišević (Source: Getty Images)

The retired World No.2 has bagged 22 singles titles, including his only Grand Slam, which Goran won in the 200 Wimbledon, and even became the only person to ever win Wimbledon as a wildcard. Further, after moving away from the tennis court, the great server moved into the field of coaching and in 2014  US Open, his student Marin Čilić lifted the Grand Slam.

#4. Ivo Karlovic

On fourth place on this list of “Top 10 Greatest Tennis Servers Of All Time,” we got another Croat making his place, and it is none other than Ivo Karlovic, one of the the most renowned servers in the history of tennis.

The 6’11” Croatian giant was one of the tallest players to step on a tennis court and thus he was blessed with high-speed serves with unique trajectories. Once he was hailed as one of the best servers to exist, even held the record of fastest serve of 156 mph, which remained unbroken until 2016. Further, he also holds an unbroken record of 13653 aces.

#3. Serena Williams

Serena Williams might be the most successful tennis player in the women’s tennis history and she has bagged numerous titles and records. However, among her many traits, she is also known for her serves.

Serena Williams, Greatest Tennis Servers Of All Time

Serena Williams (Source: Getty Images)

The Former World No.1 is a baseline player, whose style mostly depended on her powerful serves. Further, she can also use both forehand and backhand shots with ease, even her forehand is considered as one of the strongest in women’s tennis. However, not just the great speed makes Williams’ serves lethal, but the placement, accuracy and consecutive powerful serves in a row.

Her control over rallies and strong serves led her to dominate the open era over a decade. And she even won 23 singles, 14 doubles and two mixed doubles Grand Slam titles.

#2. Pete Sampras

When we are talking about the greatest servers of all time, then how can we not talk about “Pistol Pete.” Without a doubt Pete Sampras was the best servers to exist on a tennis court.

Pete Sampras, Greatest Tennis Servers Of All Time

Pete Sampras (Source: Getty Images)

Sampras made a name for himself because of his precise and powerful serves. We know that the second serves are weaker compare to the first one, but not with Pete. Because the American legend’s second serves were as good as his first, some even says Sampras hits two first serves.

Pete Sampras’ game was mostly focused on his strong serves and they never disappointed, as the American went on winning 14 Grand Slam singles titles.

#1. John Isner

John Isner takes the crown of the “Greatest Tennis Servers of All Time.” The American considered as one of the best servers ever on the ATP tour.

Isner even broke Karlovic’s record of the fastest serve, the American pro served with a speed of 157.2 mph in 2016 Davis Cup. Therefore, he officially earned the title of the fastest server. Fastest serve aside, John Isner also served over 12000 aces, making him the man with second most aces in the tennis history.

The 6’9″ American is the third tallest player to ever play on a tennis court. The height enabled him to hit precise and powerful serves. Further, his first serves were not the only concern. Because like Pete Sampras, the Former World No.8 can also hit strong second serves which are equivalent to hitting two first serves in a row.


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