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Top 10 Greatest European Tennis Players of All Time

Greatest European Tennis Players

Tennis is a globally recognized sport, where players come from different parts of the world to make a name. However, Europe has given a lot of talented players to tennis, like every day new talent rises from this land. Thus, there are so many great Australian players that it’s hard to just choose “Top 10 Greatest Australian Tennis Players in History.”

The calculations are complex to rank the top 10, as every player differs from each other and became great in a category. The Grand Slam is the most prestigious event in the sport. Therefore, we will rank the player according to their achievements in the sport.

#10. Mats Wilander

Mats Wilander is a former World No.1 from Sweden because the legend bagged seven Grand Slam singles titles. Wilander is one of the three players to win major titles at all kinds of surfaces, like hard, clay and grass. However, he never lifted a Wimbledon title, so how he had a major title on grass, that is because he had two Australian Open titles at grass in 1983-1984, as after 1988 it is being played at hard courts.

Mats Wilander.

Mats Wilander. (Source: Getty Images)

Apart from his Grand Slam success, the Swedish legend also bagged eight Grand Prix Super Series, the predecessor tournament of the ATP World Tour Maters 1000. Wilander was also the integral part who led his country to seven consecutive Davis Cup finals. Therefore, the former World No.1 deserves to be called one of the greatest European tennis player.

#9. Justine Henin

Justine Henin is one of the greatest European tennis player as she won seven Grand Slam singles titles and was one of the driving force behind the growth of Tennis in Belgium.

Justine Henin.

Justine Henin. (Source: Getty Images)

Henin was the former World No. 1 and stayed there 117 weeks. Further, the Belgian maestro was known for her single-handed backhands, as this kind of playing is rare for female players. She was also known for her versatility because she could play at all kinds of surfaces.

#8. Ivan Lendl

Ivan Lendl is a Czech legend and lifted won 94 titles in his successful career, including eight major singles titles.

Ivan Lendl

Ivan Lendl. (Source: Getty Images)

Lendl was the only player from his country to become the World No.1 and was there for 270 weeks. He is one of the two players who earned Rank 1 prior to claiming any Grand Slam. Further; the Chech brought a new flavor to the sport, as his style influenced the aggressive baseline power tennis and the use of more forehand with heavy topspins.

Ivan Lendl not only had a successful career as a player, but also a magnificent coaching career. He trained the British pro, Andy Murray, who also sat on the throne of Number One.

#7. Bjorn Borg

Bjorn Borg was the first player to win 11 Grand Slam but never lifted a single title at US Open. Aside from his Grand Slam, he won 66 titles. The Swedish legend was also the first player to claim the prize money worth over one million dollars in just a single year. However, his successful run became doom for the Swedish, as the player retired at Age 26 because of exhaustion.

Bjorn Borg.

Bjorn Borg. (Sources: Getty Images)

Borg became a teenage sensation upon turning professional and soon became World No. 1 and sat on the throne for 109 weeks. The Swedish became the driving force behind the expansion of the sport in the 70s.

#6. Suzanne Lenglen

Suzanne Lenglen, a great French player during the Amateur era and she lifted 21 Grand Slam titles, including singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Lenglen is not only the pioneer for the women’s tennis in France but for the whole Europe.

Suzanne Lenglen

Suzanne Lenglen. (Sources: Getty Images)

La Divine’s dominance at grass court was next to none, as among her 21 major titles, most of them were Wimbledon titles. She was undoubtedly the best player of her time and her only rival was considered the American legend, Helen Wills. Therefore, a match was organised between the two greats in 1926, as both of them never played against each other in any official format. This match is still known as one of the greatest match of Amateur era and is known as “The Match of the Century.”

#5. Monica Seles

Monica Seles had played for two countries, Yugoslavia and United States, but she achieved most of the glory playing fas a Yugoslavian. Therefore, she deserved to be on this list of “Top 10 Greatest European Tennis Players Of All Time.”

Monica Seles, 178 weeks

Monica Seles. (Source: Getty Images)

Seles had a phenomenal career on the court with bagging nine Grand Slam titles. Further, she was the first youngest female player to win French Open and also won eight major titles during her teenage days. Monica was even ranked WTA Number One for 178 weeks.

Many tennis experts believed the Hungarian descendant could have become much greater player. However, after an on-court knife attack in 1993, she lost her prime form and couldn’t continue her dominance in court.

#4. Roger Federer

Roger Federer is the most famous name on this Top 10 list and even hailed as the Greatest of All Time. The Swiss pro won 103 titles and is one of the skilled players to cross 100 titles. Federer has also won all four Grand Slam and further, he won them for a record 20 times, which he shares with his rivals Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

King Federer wore the crown of ATP Rank 1 for 310 weeks, the first player in the history of tennis to cross 300 weeks and only defeated by the Ace of this list. However, Roger has a record 237 consecutive weeks as Number One, which even the Ace of this list couldn’t top.

Roger Federer.

Roger Federer. (Sources: Getty Images)

Federer is one of the most influential player on this list, who is without a doubt the greatest force in the modern era to promote the sport. Many elite players have declared him to be an all-rounder, who can play on all types of surfaces. However, his dominance on grass is next to none, which also earned him the name ‘King of Grass’.

#3. Rafael Nadal

The Spaniard ranked third on this list as Rafael Nadal is the second player on this list to lift all four Grand Slam. He also earned the nickname of ‘King of Clay’ because of lifting the Roland Garros a record 13 times. The Spaniard has lifted 88 titles till now and even shares the record 20 Grand Slam titles with Federer and Djokovic.

Rafael Nadal.

Rafael Nadal. (Sources: Getty Images)

There is no doubt, the 34-year-old is one of the most famous players of present times on this list. Further, Rafa was the World No. 1 for 209 weeks, which he claimed in 2008, but currently he’s the World No. 3.

#2. Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is undoubtedly one of the “Greatest European Tennis Players”, who is currently at the peak of his potential. The Serb won 85 titles, among which are 20 Grand Slam titles, which he shares with Rafa and Roger after his win at 2021 Wimbledon.

Nole already won three Grand Slam in 2021, and winning the US Open will make him the only player from the “Big Three” to lift a Golden Grand Slam. Federer, Nadal and Djokovic together known as the “Big Three” of the tennis.

Novak Djokovic.

Novak Djokovic. (Source: Getty Images)

Further, Nole is the king of the Australian hard court, as he the Australian Open trophy for a record nine times. Djokovic is even recognized as the only player to win all “Big Titles” in ATP Tour (all four Grand Slam, all nine ATP Masters, and the ATP Finals). Djokovic is also the World Number One for record 331 weeks and he’s the current ATP Rank One.

#1. Steffi Graf

In the first place on this list of Top 10, we got the legendary Steffi Graf. The German pro won 22 Grand Slam singles titles and also made many records. She is the only player to win all four Grand Slams and Olympic medal in the same calendar year. She is also the only player, both men and women, to ever win all four Grand Slams at least four times.

Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf. (Source: Getty Images)

Graf was the WTA Number One for a total of 377 weeks, which is record still remains unbroken. Further, she also has a record consecutive 186 weeks at rank 1, which she shares with Williams.

Her versatility of playing at all kinds of courts, footwork and powerful forehand drives became her most notable traits. Her athletic and aggressive baseline playing style became the foundation for many modern playing styles today.


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