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Giannis and Lebron James gather for the criticism against the All-Star

Giannis and Lebron James

Giannis and Lebron James are the competitors in competing conferences but in real life, they share the same emotions about the leagues’ strategies to hold an All-Star game session in March in Atlanta.

Giannis backed James’ position in Milwaukee’s 123-105 win at Cleveland on Friday. Referring to James, Antetokounmpo says, “I think every player is looking forward to those five-seven days, whatever the days were. We have got to all follow the big dog.”

Moreover, “the big dog says he has no excitement for the All-Star Game, and I am the same way. I do not care about the big All-Star Game. We cannot check on our families.” Thus, Giannis and Lebron James seem quitting All-Star Game.

Giannis and Lebron James reaction to the All-Star Game

Like James, Antetokounmpo says he was under the impression that the league would not hold the yearly showcase until reports indicating otherwise began to surface. He said he would much rather use the time to decompress from basketball rather than competing on that night.

Additionally, he says, “I do not want to think about the All-Star Game. My main motive is to check on my family. I want to meet my younger brother in Spain. So, yes I am the same way and have no interest in the All-Star game.” Nevertheless, in the end, if we have to show up, we have to do that as it is a part of our job. But, deep down we are not ready for it. We will do it as our responsibility.

As Giannis and Lebron James seem to quit All-Star Game, Antetokounmpo’s comments came a day after James disapproved of the league’s All-Star Game plans.

Giannis and Lebron James

Giannis and Lebron are against the All-Star Game

Although, Antetokounmpo adds, “In the end, I wish the fans can be there and we can give back to them.” If the game happens without the fans, I do not find any reason behind its happening, added Antetokounmpo.

Giannis and Lebron James said they were under the idea that the league would not grasp the annual showcase. We thought about it coming into the season, but the All-Star game planning has surprised us, they added.

The reaction of Other players

The other players like Brooklyn Nets’ James Harden and LA Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard were also against the game.

On Friday Night Harden says he feels the “same way” about the All-Star Game as Giannis and Lebron James.

Additionally, Harden says there is so much going on around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic and here we are trying to do an event. I know what the reasoning is for, but this is creating pressure over the team, he added. In a week, there are a lot of games happening.

However, that was a week for us to relax and be with our family members and keep ourselves aside from basketball, he added. As we all know Health comes first and then comes money.

Everyone should keep in mind the feelings, and emotions of the players. They have their families too. However, devoting the entire time to families and playing is not the solution always. Thus, if Giannis and Lebron James seems to quit all-time star, it will be a good decision for their families.







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