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George Russell Discusses Three ‘Dangerous’ Sides of Social Media Referring to the Young Generation

George Russell revels how the dangerous side of social media can have a negative impact on the younger generation.

George Russell voiced the “slippery and dangerous slope” of social media which might affect the younger generation growing up in this digital age.

The 23-year-old Briton had a dreadful weekend in Imola. He had a massive accident with Mercedes’s Valtteri Bottas, leading to his disqualification from the Emilia Romagna GP. After the race, Russell blamed the Finnish driver for the crash.


Further, the Formula One fans criticized him over social media for his behavior on the Italian circuit. Later on, the Englishman apologized to Bottas, his team, and the fans on social media. The Williams driver also revealed the negative impact social networking can have on others, and especially on the younger generation.

Russell is also popular for his virtual life. As the driver is quite active on his social media and also live streams along with his fellow F1 drivers. Thus, he is aware of the impact internet can have on other’s life.

The Briton said, “Social media is a slippery and dangerous slope for all of us because everybody is just being shown in their best light. It can be very demoralising for a lot of people when you see all of these, whatever it may be, people that seem to be living an incredible life, people who seem to be incredibly fit or good-looking or whatever it may be, and just seeming to have it all.”

“But you’re only seeing the top five percent of everything. And I’m even guilty of it myself. If somebody takes 100 shots of me, I’m not going to choose the worst one, I’m going to choose the best one. And it doesn’t show you a true picture.” He added.

Russel further asserted, “Fortunately for me, I probably just missed the curve. I only got on social media when I was 14 or 15. But for these, the next generation who grew up with it, from the beginning, it’s truly worrying, to be honest.”

George Russell and his future in Formula One

Many rumors are linking the young Brit to Mercedes, as Russell is an option for replacing Lewis Hamilton when the 33-year-old hags up his helmet. George has already showcased what he can do with Mercedes in the 2020 Shakir Grand Prix. He was filling in the vacant seat of Lewis Hamilton, who was absent because of being positive for COVID-19.

Russell’s recent fight with Bottas might have narrowed the possibility of joining the German constructor in the future. Even Mercedes boss Toto Wolff mentioned George should avoid fighting hard with his rivals because the Williams machinery is still in development.

George Russell impressed everyone during the pre-season racing weekend

George Russell impressed everyone during the pre-season racing weekend

The Williams(63) ranks P16 on the 2020 Drivers Ranking with 0 points, while his teammate Nicholas Latifi is at the bottom of the list with no points.

George Russell will go behind the wheels of Williams FW43B again, at the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve on May 02. We might even witness the Briton finish in the top ten and score points for Williams Racing.


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