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Free Practice II and III Results of AHRT Drivers in AP250 and SS600 Classes

Free Practice II and III Results of AHRT Drivers in AP250 and SS600 Classes
Free Practice II and III Results of AHRT Drivers in AP250 and SS600 Classes

In free practice II, the Astra Honda Racing Team (AHRT) racers were able to improve their timetable from the results of the free practice I in the session that took place at the Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia.

On Friday (9/20/2019) afternoon, in the AP250 class, the trio of Awhin Sanjaya, Lucky Hendriansya, and Irfan Ardiansyah were able to improve their time in the second and third training sessions.

The three racers fostered by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) showed their class to compete in a strategic start position in the front.

Evidently, AHRT racer Irfan Ardiansyah in session II completed 5 laps with a record time in training session II which is 2: 26,206 and best speed 136,482. While in training session III, Irfan recorded his time 2: 26,406 and best speed 136,296.

While Awhin Sanjaya in session II completed 4 laps with a time of 2: 27,109 and the best speed of 135,546. For training session III, Awhin recorded his time 2: 26,921 and 135,820 best speed.

While Lucky Hendriansya completed 5 laps in session II with a time of 2: 26,897 and the best speed of 135,842 and in the third training session, he recorded a time of 2: 27,426 with a best speed of 135,355.

In the Supersport (SS) 600 class, Andi ‘Gilang’ Farid Izdihar and Rheza Danica Ahrens were also able to improve positive results in free practice II and in free practice III.

Andi Gilang in free practice II finished 2 laps of time record 2: 11,209 and best speed was 152,084. For the training session, III Andi recorded a time of 2: 10,959 and the best speed of 152,374, completing 9 laps.

While Rheza Danica Ahrens in session II completed 3 laps and a record time of 2: 12,045 and the best speed of 151,120. For the third training session, Rheza devoured 5 laps and finished 2: 11,911 and best speed 151,275

In the sixth round of the Asia Road Racing Championship, the AHRT riders faced four races. This series will take place on Saturday (9/21/2019) and Sunday (9/22/2019) at 12.55 WIB for the AP250 class and 13.45 WIB for the SS600 class.



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