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Francis Ngannou Net Worth 2021: Salary, Endorsements, Mansions, Cars, Charity and More

Francis Ngannou Net Worth

Francis Ngannou is a Cameroonian-French professional martial artist and the current UFC Heavyweight Champion. Also known as “The Predator”, Ngannou is the record hardest puncher in the UFC to date. Moreover, Francis occupies the #5 spot in the UFC’s Men’s Pound For Pound Rankings.

Hailing from a small town in Cameroon, Ngannou spent his childhood in poverty and little formal education. Although he was apprehended on numerous occasions, Ngannou was eventually able to escape to France via Spain. As a result, Ngannou faced two-month imprisonment in Spain for illegally crossing the border.

Francis Ngannou of Cameroon punches Alistair Overeem of The Netherlands in their heavyweight bout during the UFC 218. (Credits: Getty Images)

Following a short stint in the French promotion “100% Fight”, Ngannou made his way to the UFC. After making a remarkable debut against Luis Henrique, Ngannou began establishing himself as a serious contender in the Heavyweight division. Moreover, Ngannou racked up knockouts against the likes of Overeem, Dos Santos, and Rozenstruik. Recently, Ngannou beat Stipe Miocic at UFC 260 to become the new heavyweight champion.

A Glance at Francis Ngannou’s Asset Accumulation

Name   Francis Ngannou
Age  34
Residence  Cameroon and Las Vegas, Nevada, US
Net Worth 2021 $4 million
Salary $2.5 million
Endorsements Gym King Fight Division, CBD Research Labs, Cryo Pain Relief, The Fight Game
Endorsement Earnings  $250k-$500k (estimated)
Source of Wealth  Salary, Endorsements
Expenditure  Cars, House, Charity
Philanthropy/ Charity  The Francis Ngannou Foundation, Collab with BossLogic

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What is Francis Ngannou’s Net Worth in 2021?

Francis Ngannou’s Net Worth in 2021 is estimated to be around $4 million. Before joining the UFC, Ngannou did not make much money. However, according to SportsDaily, Ngannous’ current career earnings stand at around $2.5 million in 2021. Aside from that, Francis also earns a considerable amount from his various endorsements and business avenues.

  • Francis Ngannou UFC Salary

Whilst he is in no way the richest UFC fighter, Ngannou does bring home a fairly considerable amount of dough after each performance. Here are some of Ngannou’s biggest paydays:

  • Ngannou’s fight against Cain Velasquez lasted only 26 seconds. However, Francis took home a hefty $470,000 for his knockout win. This sum includes the sponsorship bonus.


  • Francis’ win against Junior Dos Santos was even bigger as this knockout win got him a huge $550,000. This sum includes sponsorship and a performance bonus.


  • Additionally, Ngannou’s 20-second win over Jairzinho Rozentruik at UFC 249 got him a career-high $670,000. The purse includes a $350k to show and an additional $150k as a winning bonus.


  • Recently, Ngannou’s win over heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic at UFC 260 is now his biggest ever purse. Ngannou received a guaranteed $500,000 for the fight. Although he did not receive a win bonus, his earnings from PPV sales will take his earnings to around $700,000 in total.
 Francis Ngannou of Cameroon punches Stipe Miocic in their UFC heavyweight championship fight during the UFC 260 event at UFC APEX on March 27, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Francis Ngannou of Cameroon punches Stipe Miocic in their UFC heavyweight championship fight during the UFC 260 event at UFC APEX on March 27, 2021, in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Credits: Getty Images)

  • Francis Ngannou Endorsements Deals

The newly crowned heavyweight champion Ngannou endorses Gym King Fight Division, CBD Research Labs, Cryo Pain Relief, Arsenal Football Club, and the Fight Game. Moreover, Francis is also rumored to be making an appearance in the upcoming installment of the Fast and Furious franchise.

How Francis Ngannou Spends His Millions?

Although he is a millionaire, Francis refrains from going overboard with his lifestyle and expenditure. Being from humble beginnings, Francis already feels that he has experienced a lot of what life has to offer thus curtailing his expenditures. In other words, he is a simple man from simple beginnings, happy with the simple things in life.

  •  Francis Ngannou Luxurious House

(Credits: Hitberry)

Currently, Francis Ngannou owns only two houses. One, his family home in his native Cameroon, and two, in Las Vegas, Nevada. His Las Vegas house allows him to conveniently reach his gym, Xtreme Couture MMA. The house is simple, nothing flashy yet enough for all of Ngannou’s needs.

  •  Francis Ngannou Luxurious Cars

(Credits: Hitberry)

Similarly, with his vehicles, Francis has opted for something simple yet classy. According to sources and sightings, Ngannou owns a couple of Mercedes sedans, costing around $100,000 each.

  • Francis Ngannou’s Non-Profitable Investments: Charity Work

MMA Gym:

Francis Ngannou has also opened the first MMA Gym in Cameroon under The Francis Ngannou Foundation. The gym serves as a chance and an opportunity for the children and the youth who aspire to make a career in mixed martial arts.

(Credits: The Francis Ngannou

“I want to give some opportunity for children like me who dream of this sport and don’t have an opportunity like me. The last time I was in Cameroon, I brought a lot of materials for boxing and MMA to open a gym. Now I just bought a big space to start the gym, as well”.


Francis Ngannou also had a successful NFT collaboration with BossLogic. Following his victory over Stipe Miocic at UFC 260, Ngannou took to social media to showcase this success.

Moreover, Ngannou promised that all the proceedings from the sale of the artworks will go to charity. Reportedly, the collaboration generated an exact $581,038.88. Hence, the combined sale of the three artworks generated more revenue than the guaranteed amount Ngannou earned for his fight with Stipe ( $500,000).

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