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Francis Ngannou “A Nightmare terror” Former UFC Fighter Vera Voices ahead of ‘The Predator’s probable clash with Jon Jones

Francis Ngannou is without a doubt a monster. He is everything you want to see in a heavyweight world champion. Brandon Vera was surprised by how well Francis performed in his last fight. He said, “I was surprised at how well he did against Stipe Miocic, I thought Stipe will give him a hard time but Francis Ngannou played as a champion.”

It was evident that Francis was far better than Stipe, throwing accurate punches and rocking the whole ring. This exceptional victory is making fans turn their eyes to the predator’s next superfight with Jon Jones. But it looks like a stalemate because of the ongoing feud between Jon Jones and UFC.

Francis Ngannou reacts after defeating Cain Velasquez.

Francis Ngannou of Cameroon celebrates his KO victory over Cain Velasquez in their heavyweight bout during the UFC Fight Night. (Credits – Getty Images)

Jon Jones is annoyed with how UFC is handling the promotions and wants a raise to fight Francis Ngannou. On the other hand, it looks like Dana White is keen to move on and wants to set up a fight between Francis and Derrick Lewis.

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Francis Ngannou and Jon Jone’s point of view

Francis Ngannou praised the former UFC light heavyweight champion and stated he wants to fight Jones in the Octagon. He believes that the former champion deserves a big payday. Kudos to Francis as he knows that fight Jones will bring him a lot more than fighting Derrick and is smart to support the former champion.

Jon Jones is an undefeated UFC champion who won 15 fights in the ring. Jon was also the youngest champion, as he attained the belt at age 23, and has broken multiple records. If we go by the stats, it’s hard to argue against what Jones is asking, but the fans are eager to see Francis and Jones in a ring, and so do we.


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