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Valtteri Bottas believes no players has “got 100 percent” out of themselves in any sports

Valtteri Bottas believes there is still a lot to learn about Mercedes W12 and thus they can still put on a fight against Red Bull at Portugal.

Valtteri Bottas is driving in Mercedes for around five years and will give the best fight to his teammate Lewis Hamilton in 2021.

Bottas performed well in 2020 as compared with other seasons, but not enough to become the threat to Hamilton. However, there are many who claim that former Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg was a better rival for the Briton in the team.

Lewis Hamilton already accomplished the record of world champion for seven-times, which only the legendary driver Michael Schumacher ever did. Whereas, the Finnish driver still has not got his hand on a world championship trophy. Thus, Bottas decided he will try to get the title this season.

Bottas said, ” This year, although Lewis has won all the titles since we’ve been teammates, going into this year we’re starting from fresh and with a new page and yes, I absolutely believe I can fight for the title… and that’s, of course, the ultimate goal this season.”

Valtteri Bottas will give 100 percent in most of the races

There are rumors that the seven-time world champion might retire after 2021. Thus, Valtteri needs to prove that Mercedes does not have to alter their winning ways if Hamilton decides to hang up his helmet. Therefore, he will try to give his best performance in 2021.

Bottas and Hamilton will do the pre-season testing of the new car W12 in the Bahrain circuit from March 12-14. The 2021 season of Formula 1 will begin on March 28 with Bahrain Grand Prix.

Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton will continue driving for Mercedes in Formula 1 2021.

Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton will continue driving for Mercedes in Formula 1 2021.

Subsequently, the 31-year-old is more focused on giving his best, so that he does not regret his performance later. In an interview, Bottas said, “This year I’m demanding more from myself than ever.” “Obviously, without overdoing things, but the ultimate goal for this season is to get to the last race, in Abu Dhabi, and look back and say that I performed at one hundred percent efficiency.” He added, “I have done everything to prepare myself for a win. That is the ultimate goal.”

It is impossible to be at the peak in every race, thus he wants to give his best in most of them. Bottas said, “But that is the tricky part, and it is the same in every sport. There has never been any sportsperson that has got one hundred percent out of themselves, in every single event they have been a part of, but I need to do it more often…….that is the question”.

In a few races, the Finnish could not perform at his best because of the excessive pressure on him. He claims it was hard to perform under pressure from his team and the world. However, he will try to find a solution to his current situation.

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